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Almost everyone has experienced or heard of a person dying and relatives or friends having to dispose of property left behind. Even when the dying person has done everything right. The person who is left in charge of administering the estate in most cases is not aware of the enormity of the task before them and especially if there are beneficiaries who may not get along with one another.  We are attempting to address this problem through education and implementation of strategies designed to remedy this major problem within our families and communities. Communities change character because when the family earner passes, those who remain do not have a clue what to do next. Estate planning involves having a strategy from beginning to end. Our purpose is to help you not only to understand your journey in the Creation of Wealth, but how to accumulate wealth through various strategies, but the preservation of wealth as well as, training the next generation to properly receive, manage and grow any wealth left behind to them. So, any beneficiary and proposed trustee should enroll in our program so they too, can understand what it took for you to accumulate and preserve your wealth. This is the major cause of poverty in America when parents fail to plan and/or train their next generations. 


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