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  I Produce three (3) Podcasts designed to get into the Inner Psyche of the Individual Mind by taking three different approaches. All are designed to till the soil of the Mind allowing NEW seeds of understanding to be planted which will eventually reap a different more enduring type of Harvest in your LIFE. It also teaches before the harvest is possible that the Mind must be opened and cleared in order to remove bad unfertile soil, debris, and barriers to progress.  Some examples are poor self-esteem, excessive mysticism and superstition, hardcore Cognitive Dissonance [Closed Minded], and being afflicted with decades of depression caused by Stockholm Syndrome aka Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD). These ramped mental diseases and defects have caused many generational curses of "dysfunction" and "inappropriate behavior" which cause Poverty and Economic Despair.  However, allowing this open engagement through listening and discourse can open up the Mind which will begin the healing process by getting an understanding which will begin the momentum towards Positive CHANGE, Personal ACTION, and Group PROSPERITY. 

It's actually rather simple!


Here are the Three (3) Podcasts: 

  (1) The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity teaches about living an abundant LIFE, and what do the Wisdom Scriptures teach us about why it is important to seek the path to Spirituality, in spite of living in a World consumed by excessive Materialism, Greed, and Moral Bankruptcy.  YOU will LEARN what it means to be Spiritual.  YOU will LEARN to Live a LIFE of Inner Peace and Prosperity; 

  (2) Real Talk deals with Poverty, Racism, Reparations, and of Course Economic Solutions. There is NO such thing as a problem [opportunity] without a SOLUTION;

  (3) Prosperity Podcast Radio is meant to be Motivational enough for YOU to become inspired [self-starter] and begin to take ACTION in your LIFE by laying a FOUNDATION for your Future Self through this Road Building Ministry [Movement] of Empowerment directed towards your Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Once I get YOU started on the Path to a brighter more bountiful future. I will be here to walk with YOU and train YOU, and Pay YOU, to keep YOU headed down the right path. This is a  3-tier Ministry designed to make YOU the captain of your destiny and train your loved ones to do the same.

This is a no-brainer, which means YOU Don't need a Brain to appreciate this Offer!

My Latest Podcasts

What is Estate Planning and Why is it so Important?

Almost everyone has experienced or heard of a person dying leaving children, relatives, or friends to handle final affairs and dispose of property left behind. 

Even when the dying person has done everything right in terms of creating an Estate Plan. The weak link is the person who is left in charge of administering their estate.  In most of these cases, they are not aware of the enormity of the task before them.  This is magnified when there are beneficiaries who may not get along with one another and or disagree with their portion of the inheritance and commence litigation to resolve the matter.  

It is recommended that you create an environment that will allow your families to address these KNOWN certainties in advance. It is only through education, training, and family/Group meetings that these potential issues can be resolved BEFORE they begin.  This is the second problem. The first problem/opportunity is to get your parents and children to engage in the Estate Planning Process initially, no matter the size of their current Estates. This will allow proper discussion and planning to begin taking place to get into our DNA.

Families and Communities change character when the older more established generations begin to age and pass away.  The Family earner(s) are no longer present and those who remain do not have a clue about what to do next because they were NOT prepared for such an inevitable occurrence. The failure of individuals to understand this important wealth-building opportunity and process leads to gentrification, homelessness, poverty, and generational curses. Estate planning involves being raised in a loving, nurturing, and organized home from the beginning of LIFE to the end of LIFE where all parties understand their duties and understand that LIFE transitions will occur which they must be prepared to properly manage.

The goal is to help you not only to understand your LIFE journey   [Find Purpose] but to be taught how to create a proud family legacy in the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth for generations to come.  The goal is to train YOU and future generations to receive, manage, and competently grow any wealth left behind. 

Any beneficiary and or proposed trustee should be required to enroll in this program before they can receive any inheritance. Beneficiaries need to stop being so quick to sell and destroy their parent's legacy. This workshop will help children to understand not only the work, sweat, and tears, it took for you to accumulate your wealth. They will be taught to understand the wealth-building opportunity and appreciate the gift being left behind. Since they don't make more land, this selling of property allows corporate landlords to move in to buy up land and raise rents. This is gentrification which is the major cause of poverty in our communities when parents fail to plan and/or train the next generations to carry on their Legacy. When this is NOT done properly. Individuals and Communities will continue to suffer. 


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