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BOARDWALK MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT GROUP formally known as Sinclair & Associates has been helping individuals and families in Personal and Business Financial Management since we began operations in 1986. Our goal is always to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers by helping them to become better informed.  Since we live in the age of technology, we are able to stream to our members a quality educational opportunity in the areas of Personal and Business Finance, Economics, Law and more at an unbelievably low price. Our goal is to provide a college education for everyone which is grounded in reality and truth, not fiction . The barrier of receiving a quality education based on cost has now been removed. This is an opportunity/blessing which is too good to refuse.

Our Founder and CEO, Attorney Claud A. Sinclair, is an educator who has over 30 years of experience in the financial and legal arena and is passionate about exceeding your expectations by providing you and your children a supplemental education in the areas of history, religion, politics, finance, law, critical learning and thinking and much more. Our goal is to make sure, each of you develop a “Life Plan’.  We all know about developing a business plan, but what about a “Life Plan”.  It will provide you with a road map to achieving your success limited only by your own Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm. “As a professional, I am bombarded by continuing educational products and programs, whereas the average person is never educated about the world in which live, left to learn by hearsay and trial and error [Graduating form the School of Hard Knox- The Streets], which breeds poverty and crime.

Sign up and receive your Boardwalk Life Plan Booklet and as a bonus, you will receive FREE access to our 30 day “Life Plan” course. When you begin to think about your goals and dreams and put them on paper, the process becomes magical as you chart a course which begins to unfold before your eyes, by using your Energy, Efforts and Enthusiasm, taking the steps [WORK] necessary to help the magic in your life unfold. There is magic in putting your GOALS on paper! Which means your dreams will not come true, only if, you fall down and refuse to move forward with your LIFE.

We love our members and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what more we can do to help you achieve your objectives in life.

Yours Truly,

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair

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