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  I Produce three (3) Podcasts designed to get into the Inner Psyche of the Individual Mind by taking three different approaches. All are designed to till the soil of the Mind allowing NEW seeds of understanding to be planted which will eventually reap a different more enduring type of Harvest in your LIFE. It also teaches before the harvest is possible that the Mind must be opened and cleared in order to remove bad unfertile soil, debris, and barriers to progress.  Some examples are poor self-esteem, excessive mysticism and superstition, hardcore Cognitive Dissonance [Closed Minded], and being afflicted with decades of depression caused by Stockholm Syndrome aka Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD). These ramped mental diseases and defects have caused many generational curses of "dysfunction" and "inappropriate behavior" which cause Poverty and Economic Despair.  However, allowing this open engagement through listening and discourse can open up the Mind which will begin the healing process by getting an understanding which will begin the momentum towards Positive CHANGE, Personal ACTION, and Group PROSPERITY. 

It's actually rather simple!


Here are the Three (3) Podcasts: 

  (1) The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity teaches about living an abundant LIFE, and what do the Wisdom Scriptures teach us about why it is important to seek the path to Spirituality, in spite of living in a World consumed by excessive Materialism, Greed, and Moral Bankruptcy.  YOU will LEARN what it means to be Spiritual.  YOU will LEARN to Live a LIFE of Inner Peace and Prosperity; 

  (2) Real Talk deals with Poverty, Racism, Reparations, and of Course Economic Solutions. There is NO such thing as a problem [opportunity] without a SOLUTION;

  (3) Prosperity Podcast Radio is meant to be Motivational enough for YOU to become inspired [self-starter] and begin to take ACTION in your LIFE by laying a FOUNDATION for your Future Self through this Road Building Ministry [Movement] of Empowerment directed towards your Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Once I get YOU started on the Path to a brighter more bountiful future. I will be here to walk with YOU and train YOU, and Pay YOU, to keep YOU headed down the right path. This is a  3-tier Ministry designed to make YOU the captain of your destiny and train your loved ones to do the same.

This is a no-brainer, which means YOU Don't need a Brain to appreciate this Offer!

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 Four Winds Broadcasting Network.

Let’s have a Private Conversation.

 LIFE is exciting for those prepared to participate in the process. LIFE is a Business requiring a different skill set than the traditional approach to merely getting a J.O.B.

For this purpose, I have so far produced close to one hundred Podcasts and over one hundred YouTube videos. These works of creation are designed for the thinking (conscious) and indoctrinated (subconscious) part(s) of the mind.  These podcasts are designed to reach the (1) Spiritual, (2) Motivational, (3) Intellectual, and (4) Creative aspects of the Mind.  Each quadrant(s) of the brain may already be more developed than the others, and that’s perfectly okay.  However, no matter where YOU are, in your personal growth and professional development. We will all start at the beginning and build upward. No skipping! No such thing as I need this portion and NOT the other. In the beginning, some information may be familiar, but I guarantee YOU that as YOU proceed it will become more challenging because it will be NEW information. The method to the madness is laying a strong solid FOUNDATION. The key to success is being able to humble yourself and become an active engaged learner. YOU will then catapult yourself into the cream of the crop category. YOU will qualify to become my elite group of ACTION Takers, who will be well compensated before anyone else, based on your Energy, Effort, and Enthusiasm!

The goal is to elevate Mind, Body, and Soul, leaving poverty and despair in the past, once and for all. This is about your future self which requires upgrading your brain computer with NEW competitive software [FOUNDATION].  This is a reality-based approach to LIFE.  What if YOU had the opportunity after graduation from High School already with an understanding of how to compete in LIFE at the highest level socially, politically, and economically?  YOU will be taught about the Journey that a dollar takes in the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth, in addition to developing a Critical Thinking Mind. Already possessing the makings of a CEO and Captain of your LIFE. Unfortunately, this information was NOT available to us, nor was it taught in our homes.

This is a first-of-a-kind education teaching YOU and your children how to compete, socially, politically, and economically both individually and collectively. YOU will be taught how to level the playing field which requires NEW thinking, NEW Discipline, NEW Dedication, and a NEW Determination. No matter where YOU are or who YOU are!

“By any means necessary” develop your MIND with the right 21st Century information!

YOU will learn what it will take to improve upon any weaknesses and build upon strengths. YOU will become inspired and self-motivated, then YOU will edge closer to finding your Passion and Purpose in LIFE, and no one will be able to stand in your way.  YOU will learn to soar while being given the training and support YOU need to make LIFE happen at its fullest.

 This is the beginning of the Journey.

This initial process is referred to as tilling the soil of the Mind.  Let me explain! The farmer understands that before YOU can plant seeds. The soil must be prepared for planting.  You take the time to prepare the soil to reap a stronger Harvest. The lesson here is before any Harvest is possible. The soil [Mind] will need to be cleared by removing unnecessary clutter and debris. Another lesson the farmer knows is that the horse goes in front of the carriage and NOT the other way around. In LIFE we want success without education, training, and Mentorship. This is putting the cart before the horse. This is also living upside down and thinking YOU are right side up. When YOU put the cart before the horse there is NO movement. This is crazy, right?

What is the clutter and debris that is creating a barrier to your personal growth?  

A few examples of mental clutter and debris that prevent a person from reaching their full potential (Harvest) are (1) poor self-esteem, (2) poor family structure, (3) poor discipline, and (4) poor educational development.  In order to become a confident self-thinking individual able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities as they arise requires identifying and overcoming in order to correct deficiencies.  Why should YOU be concerned? These are the barriers that keep YOU and your children in perpetual poverty and despair. This is also called living from paycheck to paycheck on the brink of losing everything. These are the major symptoms of a feeble undeveloped mind that can’t figure things out. A feeble mind is a victimized Mind. A feeble Mind is a remnant of slavery, poor educational systems, and parents teaching their children fables [lies] engrained into them by their parents as children to believe in unbelievable truths that their children carry into adulthood and pass on to their children. Someone along this line of “causation” has to be brave enough and intelligent enough to say wait a minute. This doesn’t make any type of cents or sense at all because it is NOT producing good results [Fruit].

Removing mental clutter, and debris [barriers] has proven to be very, very difficult for the feeble-minded.

Since most people are high school graduates only and many don’t take education seriously. On average statistics tell us that most individuals read at a 7th-grade level which doesn’t mean this is also their comprehension level. This is how 98% of the population can be controlled by 1% of the population. This easily misguided Mind breeds victimization and generational curses. For those among YOU, who are more sophisticated and well-to-do. This undeveloped Mind I’m speaking of has nothing to do with your formal education and or how much money YOU have in the bank. Have You heard of the educated fool?

The problem is that YOU are NOT being taught to live a LIFE of Balance. We are out of balance with our true Nature when we only care about ourselves and are indifferent to the plight of others. This is why our communities are being gentrified and are so screwed up and NOT operating in harmony, capable of developing economically. This has nothing to do with how much money YOU have, even though it’s a good starting point. This also doesn’t mean YOU are better than anyone else. This type of thinking is unnecessary clutter and debris.  The Survival side of our existence has been corrupted with the Seven (7) deadly sins and is on a collision course with our Spiritual Nature. Let me try to explain.

Case Study

Listen, we know that even a dog and a cat who are known mortal enemies can be taught to get along and live in harmony with one another, however, this doesn’t mean that a cat is a dog and vice versa. Just as an eagle is NOT a pigeon, and a pigeon is NOT an eagle. Each possesses a different nature and purpose, and each is assigned to a particular species or animal group. If a cat thinks it is a dog and acts like a dog and a dog thinks it is a cat and acts like it is a cat. YOU would agree that this is unnatural behavior and that something drastic has occurred.

An inquiring mind would want to examine what occurred in their LIFE that would cause such an unnatural psychotic break. Their nature has been corrupted along their developmental phase to create such a nature-altering outcome. There are those of YOU who will say to themselves, that there is nothing wrong with a cat thinking it’s a dog and vice versa. Let’s limit this discussion to Nature. On its surface living in harmony is a good deal but such behavior affects creation and will lead to an extinction event for cats and dogs. A few cats and dogs here and there thinking they are a different species is NOT a major problem, but if a majority of all the cats and dogs were traumatized. This would lead to an extinction event and weaker bloodlines because they would NOT be in a position to reproduce. The cycle of creation in this scenario has been broken. The disruption of their nature will cause the population of cats and/or dogs to plummet. Cat-Dog is a cartoon, and the observation is that each part, the front [cat] and rear-end [dog] of this cartoon animal wants to go in a different direction.  

When I apply similar facts of this tale grounded in [Nature] compared to individual and group behavior. It is natural for people of similar racial backgrounds to have an affinity towards one another and want to work together for their community good is natural behavior. This is NOT racism, but natural behavior. It is unnatural behavior to take your resources from your households and communities and spend them in communities other than your own. This is unnatural behavior.

A broken nature prevents similarly situated individuals from working together as a community. This unnatural behavior produces disunity, chaos, and an extinction event to occur because it disrupts the chain of creation. So, when YOU are in a community that looks like YOU, producing dysfunctional and inappropriate behavior is leaving us wondering why things aren’t working out. YOU are going against your nature. What fool feeds another man’s children before feeding his own; However, this is NOT the same as destroying another man’s household in order to feed your own, which is worse. Think about this!

It is this unnatural state of affairs that has diminished and taken away Our Collective POWER and is leading to an extinction event. 

What is Cognitive Dissonance? This involves the unnatural process of being [Closed-minded] due to a person’s prior training/learning and environmental influences.  Certain prior knowledge is harmful and causes a person without knowing to become willingly ignorant, stagnant, and unable to adapt and evolve because this person has been indoctrinated to keep NEW information from their minds if it contradicts or attempts to discuss prior teachings and points of view.

However, a person will continuously upgrade their phone and electronics with the newest technologies and trends but refuse to upgrade the thinking process. This is a part of the breaking process causing a person to disrespect education, themselves, and anyone who looks like you. This delusional behavior causes a person to blame others instead of looking at the person in the mirror.  Centuries of slavery and decades of systemic oppression have broken the lives of individuals causing depression, hopelessness, and despair causing inappropriate behavior and decision-making. 

This breaking point is also the result of another mental condition called Stockholm Syndrome aka Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD). This is called falling in love with and accepting your oppression. This mental clutter/debris can cause a person to live in constant survival mode and chaos preventing the development of healthy minds and habits. A person who is interested in restoring their nature needs the right attitude, training, and mindset to overcome this unnatural condition. 

These mental defects lead to “dysfunction” and “inappropriate behavior” which cause Poverty, Turmoil, and Economic Despair from the womb to the tomb. 

Allow these podcast lessons to open up and heal your mind.

Once upon a Time, there was a young gang banger who was fleeing the police from another state due to his past behavior. He told me one day, after many years had passed, that if he never met me, he would have never known he could live a different LIFE.  After years on the run. He told me one day that he was returning to his home state because he was turning himself in to the authorities, so he could get a fresh start.  Unfortunately, his upbringing was too much for him to overcome because of the four (4) barriers to development discussed earlier. This mental clutter and debris proved too much for him to overcome even though he could see with his eyes what happens when YOU develop the proper organizational and LIFE skills. This is the reason, it is easier to train up a child than later attempt to retrain a child who has reached adulthood without doing so. These self-imposed barriers proved too much for him to overcome.

Although the years passed by, his poverty and despair never improved. He did NOT possess the necessary inner fortitude to be able to lay a NEW Foundation in his LIFE, as a result, his relationships and children suffered, but they too didn’t know any better. In their mind, they wanted a better LIFE but refused to do the work. This is the generational curse of NOT knowing and then NOT being willing to improve their lives. Although, my friend achieved personal growth, just from listening and observing me over the years. This young man was still unable to do the hard work causing him to languish as his parents did by living a LIFE of Poverty and Despair. Living in a society designed to keep your minds dark by any means necessary, has proven to be a powerful weapon of mass destruction for the broken and feeble-minded.

This is why I created this University In Your Home Program, Ministry/Movement, where any motivated Mind can learn to successfully compete and build generational wealth and leave a positive legacy. In many ways, this program is far superior to most if NOT all traditional religious teachings and post-secondary educational curriculums because this information will FREE your Mind from bondage, making ACTION, a normal expectation in your LIFE and once again natural behavior will be restored. Someone told me that I was putting Harvard in the Home. You’ll see, it’s even way better than that, but I do get it. Understand this is a Ministry of healing, renewal, and restoration.

Be Transformed through the renewing of your Mind.

These podcasts are designed to be transformative.  YOU will get an understanding that will kick start the momentum needed for Positive CHANGE, Personal ACTION, leading to Group PROSPERITY. 

Here is a brief overview of the Three (3) Podcasts: 

  (1) The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity teaches how to live an abundant LIFE. We will examine the criteria found in the Scriptures and Wisdom texts that teach about Prosperity in spite of living in a World consumed by excessive Materialism, Greed, and Moral Decay.  This will teach YOU how to identify, separate, and balance your spiritual being from the material world. YOU will LEARN what it means to become a Spiritual being through your actions and NOT just mere Words.  YOU will LEARN how to Live a LIFE of Inner Peace and Prosperity when YOU choose. YOU will be taught lessons from the most peaceful and enduring civilization in world history. 

  (2) Real Talk confronts Poverty, Racism, Reparations, and Solutions. There is NO such thing as a problem that does NOT have a SOLUTION. The problem occurs when YOU can’t separate the symptom(s) from the problem. This is the same as reading your bible and NOT being able to identify the chaff [lies] and separate it from the wheat [truth]. REMIX, thinking YOU are drinking Kool-Aid when it’s a glass of piss water that is slowly poisoning your Mind, Body, and Soul. Sorry, but YOU get the point, I hope.

  (3) Prosperity Podcast Radio is meant to be Motivational and Inspirational. YOU will learn what is meant by laying [building] a proper foundation [ACTION] in your LIFE.  Think about your Future Self. Why? On average a person will live a long LIFE of 80 years or more if YOU properly take care of yourself.  Understanding that a person should be a lifetime learner. It will take only a few years to gain the proper knowledge and skills to live a prosperous LIFE.  Wisdom teaches us that if YOU want riches, first build the road to get there.

This is a Road to Riches Building Ministry [Movement] of Empowerment. This is a supplemental educational program designed to repair and create a new generation of leadership. My definition of a millionaire is a well-reasoned, balanced person. If YOU have successfully raised productive children who can take care of themselves. YOU are a millionaire. YOU will be taught to create a Family Legacy. If YOU don’t realize it yet, this Ministry/Movement is about family-building. Isn’t this what a Ministry should be all about, to create and NOT destroy?

Now, get started on the Path to a brighter more bountiful future.

I will be here to walk with YOU and train YOU, and your children.  YOU can even earn the ability to generate additional income, once YOU complete my 6-8 week, Family Wealth Literacy Boot Camp Program. The program is designed to motivate YOU by keeping YOU headed down the right path, eager to share with family and friends. Learn more about this 3-tier Ministry designed to make YOU the captain of your destiny and train your loved ones to do the same. 

This should be a no-brainer, which means YOU Don’t need a working Brain to appreciate and take advantage of this Offer!

BE MORE and Learn to Thrive!

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. at Your Service.

It’s rather simple!

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