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​One of the most pressing issues facing the African American family or any family is not only the creation of family wealth but the preservation of individual and family wealth. And since each generation faces new social and economic challenges. The goal should always be to learn from and build upon the efforts of those generations which preceded us and prepare those generations which will follow with the tools necessary to carry on the wealth preservation legacy. This means that each generation must be trained and developed so that a blessing doesn’t become a curse. Below are some of the tools and services that can be utilized to help you on your journey.

PRE-Litigation Preparation:

Pre-Probate Counseling

Pre-Litigation Counseling

Investigation and Case Development

I can prepare a legal analysis of your case based upon the facts, witness statements, relevant documents in your possession, potential discovery needs, and any other relevant evidence.

Then, you will be able to determine the likelihood of success or failure of your matter based upon the merits of your case. This pre-litigation analysis can be used for settlement purposes as well to help you and your opponent clarify the merits before any legal action.

This approach will also help you to project potential litigation costs in advance. This advance preparation will help you or an attorney you hire, better represent your matter from the very beginning, thereby increasing your chances of success.



Almost everyone has experienced or heard of a person dying and relatives or friends having to dispose of property left behind. Even when the dying person has done everything right. The person who is left in charge of administering the estate in most cases is not aware of the enormity of the task before them and especially if there are beneficiaries who may not get along with one another.  We are attempting to address this problem through education and the implementation of strategies designed to remedy this major problem within our families and communities. Communities change character because when the family earner passes, those who remain do not have a clue what to do next. Estate planning involves having a strategy from beginning to end. Our purpose is to help you not only to understand your journey in the Creation of Wealth, but how to accumulate wealth through various strategies, but the preservation of wealth as well as, training the next generation to properly receive, manage and grow any wealth left behind to them. So, any beneficiary and proposed trustee should enroll in our program so they too, can understand what it took for you to accumulate and preserve your wealth. This is the major cause of poverty when parents fail to plan and/or train their next generations. 

Ask about how you can create an instant Estate?


Pour-Over Will

Living Will

Living Trust

Synopsis of the Trust AgreementDurable Powers of Attorney over the Person and Estate

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Prenuptial Agreements

Trust Administration instruction and counseling

​Probate consultation

Conservatorship consultation

Business Succession Planning

Business Incorporation Services and Operations Planning

– Sole Proprietorship- C Corporations- S Corporations- Limited Liability Company- Partnerships- Non Profit Corporations- Corporation Sole

And More …

Contract preparation and review:

Stop drafting your own contracts and signing documents you don’t understand.

Stop hiring paralegals when you should be hiring an attorney. 

Penny Wise – Dollar Foolish.


Community Economic Development Strategies


Family Wealth Literacy Boot Camp.

Reparations (MainStreet Emergency Economic Stimulus Program) – MEESP Progra

Facilitate Real Estate Investment Group Theory and Discussions.

Seminars AND Workshops.Group and Individual Counseling (Legal, Financial, Marital).

University In Your Home Series (Legal, Finance, Economics, Law, History, Religion and more …) – Certificate Program.

Community Outreach regarding Creation of Economic Infrastructure​ – Block Clubs, Churches, Non-Profits entities etc.

The problem with relationships, homelessness and despair is increasing while our Communities are being destroyed through gentrification and urbanization because individuals, parents and their children are not being educated in the strategies of wealth creation and preservation within a family and community context. 

Let me be your ACTION Partner.  I can assist YOU to get your Personal Life, Business Affairs and Legal House in Order. 

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