Sinclair School of LIFE Economics and Entrepreneurship

aka Boardwalk School of Economics.


“The Two best days of your LIFE are when YOU were born and the day YOU discovered Why.”


Let’s embark on the Journey to discover Why?



Warning, this is an Individual and Group Economic Empowerment Plan for YOU and your Family. If YOU can NOT handle the mental frustration of working hard to become a High-Value Person and raise High-Value Children.


Actually, YOU will realize your threshold to achieving excellence by whether YOU underestimate this opportunity and


The next threshold to overcome is being mindful of the level of frustration which makes you


It’s rather simple. I’m just asking YOU to READ, Meditate and Take ACTION. There is No Marching, Begging, Looting and the shedding of blood being required of thee this day. The only requirement is that YOU humble yourselves in order to renew your Mind. This should be a very low threshold, if YOU value education and knowledge. If this is YOU, this Program will enhance your LIFE starting right away.

Just follow the links before YOU and then take Action by providing your name and email address and watch out for the emails when they arrive and do the work asked of YOU. However, if YOU do not value education and knowledge, this means YOU are a visual person who doesn’t think reading is important.  YOU are impatient and jittery and your focus unless visually stimulated is non existent. This means YOU still have a middle school mind with a 7th grade reading level. This can be overcome with patience and determination to correct this flaw in learning behavior. This will definitely be a major obstacle to your personal growth and professional development. YOU will discover through continued READING and Meditation that this Program will take decades or even a lifetime off of your trying to reach your peak potential in LIFE and in Business. This is why there such a high failure rate in business startups and in projects that are started and never successfully completed. This has also caused the breakup and dysfunction of many relationships.

“A smart person learns from their own mistakes, while a wise person learns from the mistakes, experience and wisdom of others.”

As a Nation we are having growing pains and trying to figure things out, which stems from hundreds of years of oppression and unequal treatment with the goal of keeping the African mind as dark and primitive as possible for fear of them becoming the greatest nation on earth once again which reigned more than ten thousand years, until evil came upon the earth to replace and wanted what they saw. Evil betrayed their benefactor and teachers. Evil wanted to be like their them and walk in their place, so they stole their possessions, destroyed their towns, stole their knowledge and put their name on it as much as possible because they had no history of their own.  This is the light being shed into the darkness, and your eyes [mind] will hurt at first, but they will get adjusted. The truth is painful and YOU have been conditioned to reject truth and seek refuge in lies, visual stimulation and your favorite song(s) and lyrics.

It’s time to wake up in order to level the social, political and economic playing field, and stop worshiping and following closely behind the so called rich and famous picking out the peanuts from their waste product. We know by now that separate is NOT equal, but have we learned anything. We must stop peaking over the fence and through the bushes watching and wanting what others possess, trying to be something and someone else, without the proper training and discipline, leaving your own house in disrepair, while setting your own house on fire and burning the bridge behind YOU as YOU rush to cross over to the other side leading to your eventual peril and demise.

This is inappropriate behavior for obvious reasons because we continue to give away our own precious gifts and resources each and every day, falling in love with being exploited, depressed and oppressed wanting to be loved but failing to love self first. No person in their right, natural mind, will take care of someone else before they take care of themselves and their own families. Racism and oppression can only exist when WE as a collective continue give away our power. YOU will taught how to take back this power. The business model of oppression is keeping YOU stupid, which leads to your poverty and perpetual despair. My new business model will elevate YOU out of poverty and despair by giving YOU a fresh new paradigm [approach] to your own social, political and economic empowerment.

Yes, WE can!

This is why the Home must be transformed and able to provide a solid foundation to every child and individual who will be trained to maximize their potential to prosper in any society.  Both are learned behavior. YOU will learn to create and take advantage and create new opportunities, but YOU will have to recognize opportunity when it flashes in front of your eyes but YOU must remove your blinders to see. NO more failed businesses and spending a lifetime on failed projects. This Program will fuse knowledge, and wisdom into building a solid foundation of generational wealth and legacy building getting this into our 21st Century and beyond DNA. This means that each person and every generation must be taught and trained. This will allow our male and female offspring to bring prosperity and abundance to their relationship.

This is called “bringing something to the table”.

The Home is being transformed into the

Original Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


We have been conditioned to fail, NOT because We are NOT talented, but because We have been conditioned to be beggars and paupers, workers, consumers and victims at the bottom of society. Until now, We have never been taught and even allowed to participate in the art of Capitalism in vast numbers. Why? Capitalism thrives off your victimization and exploitation. Some will say, they hate capitalism which is the same by saying, I don’t believe in God.  Okay, think for a moment. YOU want to eat everyday, be able to pay your rent and raise your children in a healthy and safe environment, maybe NOT, but this is capitalism, unless YOU are relying on the government and the charity of others to support YOU and your children which is socialism being produced by capitalism. Poverty is a business model of social control [exploitation] which damages the mind. How? Even if YOU manage to move out of the mythical Ghetto, what YOU have learned since childhood, unless it is purged and replaced with a new thought process, which will follow YOU because it is entrenched in your conditioned [indoctrinated] mind passed down and reinforced by your parents [mother]. This is NOT the problem.  The problem is once YOU become an adult. It is your failure to think in order to evolve which is casting aside that conditioned mind and replacing it with reality and a this formal education in wealth literacy which will produce a newly empowered mindset [species].

It’s a formula!

Every world system is held up by capitalism, no matter what they call it. If NOT, that Nation will be in poverty and unable to produce the services their people need to thrive. They will NOT be able to build an infrastructure to compete in the world economy, if at all, without going into tremendous debt and poverty. Sound familiar!  LIFE is about being prepared to compete and learning how to prevent without engaging in overconsumption and inappropriate individual and group behavior which opens the door to destructive forces to control and destroy. Ex. the prison industrial complex, is a predatory system which thrives due to mental and physical poverty [causation] bred since childhood in most cases, which produces inappropriate social, political and economic behavior which creates a perpetual loop of generational curses and despair, unless something drastic occurs to disrupt this unnatural behavior.  We need a reset! Since We have identified how oppression works, how do we build our own system that will defeat and check mate the caste system [business model] of oppression and destruction. Isn’t this in our best interest to make this happen?

The Brain is a muscle that must be exercised by being periodically upgraded,

just as the products YOU buy that are forced into obsolescence!

Hope, Pray [Meditate] and then, Take ACTION.

So, knowing this, and quitting now, will be sad for YOU and everyone who depends on YOU and your current and upcoming future generations. For those who can read, think critically and understand what I AM telling YOU. This is a problem and this is also an opportunity.  Even the brilliant among us, must conquer the demon of indifference and hopelessness. YOU are in control of your LIFE or YOU should be in control of your LIFE. YOU and only YOU, are the captain of your ship, so why NOT learn how to steer your ship to calm and prosperous seas ahead. This is assuming our indifferent, hopeless and mindless behavior is NOT because of being drugged by a poisoned water supply or poor nutrition based on what’s being sold in the supermarkets. What else can be the explanation, if We lack the desire and will power, to fight against our oppression and despair. The goal is keeping your minds enslaved and your goal is the free your mind from this artificial bondage. Your mind has been distracted and conditioned to fail. This is the elephant [Demon] in the room. This is the Inner Beast of Cognitive Dissonance causing your Mental Affliction grounded in our childhood indoctrination which we have all been afflicted because it is all around us. This is a teaching moment. Just like in the bible, YOU must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and lies from the truth.  The feeble mind will ask, whose truth. There is only one truth, however, YOU must be willing to identify and conquer this conditioning within yourself in order to extract and eradicate the poison of indifference and mediocracy from your eternal essence.

Prosperity starts with the renewing of our Minds.

In this initial phase, only the best of the best. The cream of the crop will continue on their own. If YOU decide to continue, I guarantee YOU will be taken to greater heights in your spiritual and economic LIFE. How? YOU will become a rock to be build upon and others will admire YOU and begin to follow your competent spiritual and economic leadership. This will become your testimony and opportunity to lead those who had the wait and see attitude to get what YOU have and YOU will want to share. NO more crab in the barrel syndrome, and holding information close to your chest. This is NOT how true blessings and prosperity works. Those who wait and see are the followers [sheep] who will make up your future fortune, but unlike the traditional one way transaction church approach. YOU will possess the ability, desire and tools to bless and lead the people to prosperity and actually transform lives. This is a two-way transaction where blessings flow both way and NOT just in one direction [Pimping]. This Program will eventually become a part of everyone’s supplemental development. The flood gates of opportunity will begin to flow throughout your person, home, communities and society. YOU will have a captive audience and become a wealth magnet in this 21st Century Ministry/Movement in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth. A true blessing that will transform and save lives that is profitable for all who take part. Getting an understanding is the difficult part.

So stay tuned, there is more to come.

This is why, young scholars, YOU are so important to getting this Ministry/Movement of change and empowerment off the ground.  I only hope, YOU will stick around long enough to experience the benefits of this opportunity, and what it will mean to YOU and our communities when they are taught to become the CEO of their own LIFE. YOU will begin removing and healing decades of emotional scarring, struggles, frustration, helplessness and hopelessness from a Nation trying to find their way out of this centuries old nightmare, leading us out of this  21st Century wilderness, battling and scrapping to create a New LIFE of calm seas and green pasters ahead. Have faith in yourself [god] that this can happen in just one generation with a motivated and inspired team of scholars, like yourselves.

Your opportunity is to incorporate this Ministry/Movement into your family structure, through weekly family meetings, allowing YOU to get control and organize your children and discuss issues of importance with one another. Reconnecting and thriving as a family unit with a plan of action. Everyone will be on the same page. The only difference is your particular gifts and talents. We can build this program around family reunions by introducing this Program of Wealth Literacy and Legacy building to your clan. Use your imagination! YOU can have fund raisers and grant programs, rent parties and organize block clubs around promoting this Program in social, political and economic empowerment. YOU can fund and empower your projects and non profits, even your churches if YOU have an enlightened Pastor who can learn how to stop taking away your Power. We will need to educate a new generation of pastors and community leaders who are spiritually fit and business minded who don’t need to fleece the people to survive [economic predators]. Remember the church is a 501(c)3 which means YOU are in charge and YOU can create a new paradigm by using abandoned churches and take over churches creating a massive training ground where constituents can be renewed and rejuvenated. Make this your new community watering hole and get our children off the streets and into learning what it takes to thrive as a community. Take charge of your communities with this Action Plan. This all gets started once YOU become a Wealth Literacy Boot Camp Graduate [ after 6 weeks of training]. YOU can begin building and funding your future through this Boots on the Ground, pull yourself up by your Boot Straps Youth Movement/Ministry. Organize your children, family, community and youth by empowering them with the tools, skills and mindset to thrive together in the Spirit of Unity.

See Wealth Literacy Family Boot Camp link below.

LIFE is NOT only a Spiritual Journey [Test] which makes this LIFE a Business which must be taken seriously!

On earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s time to stop talking about change and start doing something about it.

The goal here is to inspire and motivate YOU in what it takes to reach your peak potential. The challenge is overcoming your Mental weakness which shows up as frustration and mental laziness. Since the mind is a muscle, it needs exercising, and frustration is a normal part of the mind getting into shape and becoming stronger. This program is designed to strengthen your mind, so let’s talk about frustration. Frustration throughout the learning process, especially when YOU are exploring something entirely new, only means your mind is expanding. This is why YOU go to school. Frustration is the physical [chemical] reaction emitted in the body from this growth process. The feeling of frustration and being overwhelmed is the physical response your brain emits when the ganglionic neuron receptors begin firing across the synaptic gaps creating new regions in your brain, expanding into larger regions, creating new pathways allowing to think and to reason critically. A battle occurs, as your brain begins to process new information and synthesize it with your prior knowledge [indoctrination]. YOU will gradually become a thinker and soon thereafter, if YOU stick with it. The light bulb will come on and YOU will have that aha moment. This is what happened to me and I will share with YOU my story and struggles, below.

All I have to do is to teach YOU how to think critically within the proper context and your genius will take over. This is NOT useless information. This requires participation and ACTION on your part.

Don’t worry! Repetition is key to the learning process, that’s why YOU don’t need to get frustrated enough to quit. This wealth literacy mastery program is designed to repeat itself, year after year, until it gets into our DNA. Learning is a life long process, so stop the drama. So, by overcoming your initial frustration, is when your break through arrives. New brain cells are being created so don’t quit on your present self and sabotage empowering your future self. To put things in the proper perspective. I will share a part of my frustration and experience with YOU in what it took to tap into and reach my peak potential. I remember starting and struggling through law school, at first I said to myself, there is no way, I can learn and retain all this information. The frustration was overwhelming, but I did NOT quit. Years later, as I was preparing for the bar exam. I suddenly had that aha moment and said to myself. I got this!

This is a billion dollar opportunity and I want to show all of YOU how we can generate thousands of millionaires a year with better returns than the stock market with NO risk. The only risk is if YOU fall down and quit which means YOU possess a bad attitude. See the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry which is a part of this three pronged approach to our liberation.  This is a Win, Win as YOU will discover, as YOU continue. Once again, don’t worry. I have come back to get YOU. NO one will be left behind! We will come back and get them. So, don’t be the crab in the barrel who pulls down and drowns the person who is trying to liberate YOU and save you from drowning because YOU have a defeated attitude.

Harriet Tubman, “I could have saved thousands more slaves and taken them to freedom, if they only knew they were slaves.”

Stop fighting against yourself!


Relax, and Let the Journey begin …

As a youth growing up, my impression and experience with Black people was that if YOU wanted something done right, get a Black person to do it.  My observation even through the affirmative action years in corporate America. We were the most competent.  As I grew up, I saw a proud competent people, flawed, but who loved themselves, and proud to be Black. Black businesses were every.  Every We came together We were strong. The goal then became, to break up their families, and destroy their minds. Did YOU know before the crack cocaine epidemic most of our children brought their books home and did their homework assignments? Now, it is the reverse, if some children see someone with books in their backpacks. They will get bullied!
I even heard a youth, in a bullying fashion, say to another youth with books in his back pack, Why YOU trying to be white?
We use to support each other, and were a united people.  We spoke and greeted each other. Even though surrounded by white bigotry growing up. It did NOT deter our spirit. What happened?  Over the decades many events occurred which broke the spirit and backs of Black America, modifying and conditioning inappropriate and dysfunctional behavior under the guise of just trying to survive. This created a vicious cycle to victimization, feeding your family at the expense of others around. This victimization of each other, drove us a part. Through out of all this, Instead of Blacks maintaining their sense of pride and identify, those able began to abandon their communities. This left a tremendous intellectual and economic drain. Our Nation begin to become indifferent to those left behind and as result, We grew a part and evolved in separate directions. The spirit of Black America has drastically changed from my childhood until the present day. I dedicated my professional career to reaching this moment where I could share such a powerful strategy in social, political and economic empowerment.
This is my experience growing up, knowing how things can be, and should be. It is in our nature to find this space again. Starting with self. So, as I write these words, this is my perspective. So, based upon my past experience before leaving Cleveland Ohio after High School becoming a Pharmacy Technician/Medic. I was able to experience LIFE in a completely differently way they those whose remained. It is my desire that this material can become the glue that binds because it discusses what We need to transform ourselves. I shouldn’t have to say this, but this message applies to everyone, no matter who are YOU and what YOU think YOU are. The enlightened minds reading this lengthy message can lead the way.
As YOU can tell, I AM an Optimist.
There is a war against good and evil, and evil appears to be winning. Evil has convinced the world that it is good. The line has been blurred.  I heard an interview of a young adult female who was asked the difference between good and evil. I couldn’t believe her response. She said, that good and evil are both artificial constructs, just like male and female. Wow, I said to myself.
The world has been led to believe that good is evil and evil is good. We are living upside down and think it is right side up, NOT able to tell the difference between godly [righteous] and unrighteous [evil] behavior . The goal of this Ministry/Movement is to restore balance to your persons, families and communities, restore our nature, restore our cultural identity, This will lead to restoring economic vibrance, pride, social, political and economic unity.
This is reverse engineering.
How We can begin to heal, and strategize in order to lighten the burden of poverty, bigotry, racism and institutional aggression?  How can We dismantle these Institutions of Oppression? How can We must disrupt their business models designed to strip away power, produce poverty,  bigotry and oppression being fueled by our inappropriate behavior due to poor economic opportunities? But, why are there poor economic opportunities and what can We do about it? If YOU ask the pimp, street hustler, day laborer, employee, entrepreneur or even the farmer this same question. YOU will get an answer like, the Civil Rights Movement, Marching, Protests, We need to petition the government for redress, reparations and so forth, proven to be effective for the few, but ineffective for the many who remain destitute.
The only way to dismantle the institution(s) of bigotry and oppression is to understand We need to build our own house first, where We can break bread as equals.  The bully doesn’t respect the bullied, unless they stand up and fight back. This time We need to fight back on the economic front. We must educate this generation on how to raise a new generation, that are fit for the task. We need to get an “understanding”.  Ask yourself, What does it mean to be Indifferent? How is this unconscious, conditioned behavior contributing to gentrification, homelessness, poverty, despair and generational curses? What do YOU think?
Every person, household and extended family deserves a whole lot better.  In this country alone, there are people going to work everyday and are living in their cars, NOT to mention the increasing rate of those becoming homeless.  How do We address these corporate landlords coming into neighborhoods driving residents out, and putting them on the streets? What about those who have given up on LIFE because they were never prepared to function in LIFE? These are symptoms of the only problem which is NOT being prepared to compete in LIFE. Addressing this issue requires learning New Skills and unlearning certain patterns of behavior.  Many will say, but, God gave me common sense, and if, God wants me to know something, he’ll let to me know in a vision or I’ll ask my Pastor, he knows somebody, who knows somebody. Never, God told me to ask somebody, who is a professional in a particular area of expertise before YOU go down that road.
Clue: Common sense can only be drawn from your LIFE experiences and Common Sense is NOT that Common.
Look at the Facts!
Once YOU get an understanding, go a step further and self evaluate, based on what We have discussed so far. There is more, but go to a mirror, right now, take a deep cleansing, inhaling breath, and look into your eyes for about a minute to begin with and ask yourself, who are YOU?  What is your Purpose?  How Do YOU feel about yourself? Do YOU have an Action Plan?  If, YOU discover, YOU are perfect. Are YOU training your children to be champions like YOU, able to compete in society?


These four (4) things will guide YOU in seeking Balance in your LIFE:

(1) YOU must Comprehend/Understand that the opposite of any Problem lies therein the Solution/Opportunity.
(2) The definition of Luck, is where your Preparation will create your Opportunities.
(3) In this Fake it till YOU make Society People say, it’s who YOU know and NOT what YOU know. Rhetorical question, What if, YOU met the right person, but did NOT have anything of value, to exchange?  What is your value? Do YOU have good Character? This applies to any relationship. What is your value? Are YOU a grifter or opportunist or are YOU looking for a one sided predatory opportunity? Look in the Mirror!
(4) YOU have to be willing to take corrective ACTION.

What happened?

“If YOU want to oppress a people there are three (3) things YOU must take from them”. 

[1] YOU take their History [Value],
[2] Language, and
[3] Psychological Factor which is controlling their VIPs:  (1) Values; (2) Interests; and (3) Principles.”
The Oppressor will “force” engineer (indoctrinate) these people into a product created in their own image by replacing their Language, Values, Interests and Principles and superimpose their own upon them. Now, what ever decisions they will make from then on, will always reflect those values and interests of the oppressor [conqueror]. The oppressed mind, will even adopt the oppressors personality and value system, even if it proves to be detrimental to their own survival and interests. After passing generations, future generations will never know any difference. The oppressed mind has been conditioned to now hate themselves and anyone who looks like them! The oppressed mind will rely and depend on their oppressor, to think for them, provide for them, feed them, unable to realize the need to evolve back into their natural god like state.

Now, this Ministry/Movement can reverse engineer what has occurred. However, unlike slavery, I can NOT force YOU to change. I only have the power to persuade YOU, to operate in your own best interest.

This Program is designed to do something very dramatic and restorative.
It is designed to restore your glory by restoring your Legacy, Values, Interests and Principles. YOU can also make sure our children speak multiple languages. Just a thought! I’m currently studying three (3) languages (1) Spanish, (3) French, and (Swahili). Duolingo is a FREE app with hundreds of languages. There is also a paid version.
Before the Journey begins, we must address the elephant(s) in the room. The elephant [evil] in the room is a combination of varying types of behavioral modification techniques and mental affliction strategies. The cold piece, is, YOU will NOT know, if YOU have been afflicted. Let me make this easy, We have all been afflicted, but We all Do NOT have the ability to think clearly and act in our own best interests.
These psychological strategies are so well known and effective, they have been identified:
(1) Willie Lynch Syndrome;
(2) Cognitive Dissonance;
(3) Stockholm Syndrome;
(4) Post Traumatic Slave Disorder [PTSD], and
(5) Childhood Indoctrination into Mysticism and Superstition that causes them to give away their Power well into adulthood and beyond.


If YOU live in a bubble with your head in the sand. YOU will leave your rear end exposed. This only means YOU choose to remain dark minded and indifferent and exposed to the environment. YOU can’t see outside your bubble unless someone from outside the bubble tells YOU.  Most will be in denial [Cognitive Dissonance] and get angry at any new information that disturbs your bubble, saying I’m okay, but you’re NOT okay, and refuse to identify with your analysis. The moral of the study, are YOU willing to hear about a different approach that is at odds with your conditioning and indoctrination? 
Once upon a time, a man went to the circus and asked the elephant trainer. How is it, that these huge elephants, tied to this small wooden stake in the ground don’t just pull it up and walk away?  The trainer responded, its very simple. These elephants have been tied to this stake, since they were very young and too weak to pull the stake out of the ground, and as they grew older and stronger they never tried to pull the stake out of the ground ever again.
Amazing the man responded!
Another man, fascinated with behavioral modification conducted an experiment with flees. He collected a group of flees and put them in a jar.  At first, there was no top on the jar and the flees simply hopped out the jar. So, the behavioral scientist decided to try another approach and put a top on the jar. The flees hit the top of the jar and realized they could not escape. Afterall a while, the behavioral scientist observed a change in the flees behavior. They stopped hitting the top of the jar, trying to escape. The behavioral scientist then decided to remove the top from the jar. What the behavioral scientist observed was astonishing.

The flees still jumped but never high enough, to escape the confines of the jar.

Something dramatic has to occur to overcome this conditioning and restore your true Nature if NOT, their parents will teach them NOT to jump too high.


Just suppose, YOU see a bird flying backwards. YOU should automatically be alarmed, understanding that something has gone wrong with their Nature. The bird thinks it is normal behavior. The bird deep down knows something is drastically wrong and seeks out a psychologist to understand this unnatural behavior.  The Psychologist pretends and is unable to get to the root cause your dysfunction is how, the psychologists makes his/her living. To them your dysfunction is normal because it fits a predetermined stereotype and agenda, and gives YOU advice that is NOT in your best interest.


This MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is designed to help YOU to overcome any shortcomings in your LIFE.

The Program is designed to help parents raise high value children who are loving, compassionate and understand how to maneuver, compete and prosper throughout LIFE. It is about developing critical thinking skills with the goal of creating a family legacy. This will require intensive study and training in the renewing our minds. This will also provide single parents and parents in general with the tools to guide their child(ren) through their adolescent years, which involves raising your children with structure, guidance and discipline. They will be to think clearly in terms of what it takes to live and prosper in a highly competitive society. They will become self correcting and self motivated to excel beyond their imagination and current expectations, able to see clearly the goals that lie ahead of them.

Parents will also grow, learn and develop through the process.  This will also make a great gift for the young person just starting in life, contemplating their future, or the son or daughter that does not know, what moves to make. This will also help in your relationships to be equally yoked with an Action Plan. This approach will reduce and eventually eliminate dysfunctional homes and relationships. 

Our children must to be able to connect the dots, between TODAY and the reality of Tomorrow.  Maybe your child has decided to take a break after graduating high school. This Program will help guide them and empower them for a positive future if they have NOT been raised on this material. I highly recommend your children discover themself through this Personal Growth and Professional Development Program.



This is a real LIFE curriculum in finding your Purpose and funding it. There is a difference between just getting a JOB, and earning income to survive. YOU already know what this course of action produces. Therefore, it is important to recognize there maybe a different strategy to maximizing your earning potential and being taught to use a portion of that additional income to build wealth and a better future for YOU and your children. 
I remember applying to and graduating from law school and then, passing the Bar Exam enabling me to practice law. The graduation rate from Law School is always higher than the bar passage rate, which is quite low in comparison. The successful individual upon graduation qualifies to take the Bar Exam. Passing the Bar Exam qualifies an individual to represent individuals in the practice of law. 

The successful individual becomes a member of an elite group. The same is being provided here. Upon Program completion. YOU will become a Member of an elite group with the potential to earn an unlimited income.

This experience of Law School was like, taking someone who has never swam before, grabbing them, and aggressively throwing them into a large body of water.  [This happened to me as a child hanging out a the summer pool when an older young man came by and just pushed me into the water and didn’t look back]. In both of these instances I was faced with a dilemma, either, sink or swim. 
All first year law’ students knew upon being admitted to Law School that they desired to graduate in 2 to 3 years depending on the program they chose, pass the Bar Exam and become a successful attorney, hopefully being able to make lots of money. These people chose to bet on themselves.  Afterall, they were successfully admitted to law school because they did the work and prepared themselves up to that point to get where they were. However, continued success came down to one’s commitment to the process. The issue became, were they willing to commit the Time, Talent and Treasures to completing the journey? This journey is personal because no one can accomplish this task but them. However, even this proves NOT to be enough to reach that ultimate goal of graduating law school and then, passing the Bar Exam. This process, although more grueling and difficult is similar to graduating college, getting a JOB and then expecting LIFE to work out for YOU.
Afterall, this is why YOU go to college or learn a trade in order to make money.

Knowledge plus Skills pay the bills!

This is an excellent beginning, however, this is NOT enough to break the chains and take back your POWER.


Removing Psychological Barriers to Success while Developing an Academic Approach to LIFE.

LIFE today requires each generation learning a unique skill set, but only if YOU want to lift yourself out of Poverty and stay there, destroying generational curses in the process. The 2%ers send their children to summer camp each year to study wealth creation, accumulation and preservation strategies in order to maintain their fortunes.

LIFE requires having good time management and critical thinking skills which includes, budgeting, financial management and organization skills to properly manage your Gifts and Purpose in LIFE.  A person must become a critical thinker beyond their limited surroundings and LIFE experiences. Making the right decisions throughout LIFE requires the right knowledge, wisdom, discipline and critical thinking skills. This is NEW to us and the only reason you’re hearing about this now is because I’ve decided to teach YOU. Everyone tells YOU, if YOU see it, then YOU can become it or that YOU can become anything that YOU desire. However, no one is teaching YOU how to achieve what YOU see, leaving YOU visually stimulated faking your success through overspending and inappropriate spending behavior.
Many High School graduates think they are prepared for LIFE just because they graduated High School and received a diploma. This is the way things are for those who don’t possess this information. LIFE has become more complicated for the working class and requires a different set of skills and expertise to change the outcome. If graduating High School is your end game and this is your thinking, odds are YOU will be faced with a fake it until you make it, struggling lifestyle of debt, poverty, frustration, and despair, repeating generational curses.

Just as a business needs a Business Plan. YOU need an ACTION PLAN which is a Business Model for your LIFE.

The psychological barrier here is NOT understanding the value of this knowledge and How the world YOU have matriculated into will eat YOU up and spit YOU out without learning more. This is why, YOU need more than just a JOB, hard work mentality, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow. Acquiring a different understanding requires the renewing of your mind.
If YOU don’t value education. YOU have a serious mental defect and an attitude problem that will cause your present and future generations to suffer.  For this to occur, YOU were defiant, probably didn’t do well in grade school, didn’t listen to your parents or teachers. Please, understand that your attitude truly affects your altitude in LIFE. A bad attitude towards your LIFE and others affect your personal growth. A bad attitude, metaphorically speaking, is similar to shooting yourself in the rear end and both feet and every time they heal. YOU do it again and again. Someone has to take away NOT only the gun, but curing your desire to harm yourself in any way. Other than having poor discipline and a bad attitude. This stems from having poor self-esteem and feeling unaccomplished with your LIFE. This is why YOU should make sure YOU pay attention to and work with your child in their development. The problem occurs when they fall beyond and their parents don’t show an interest.
See 52 Week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.
The next biggest obstacle is with YOU saying,  I’m NOT going into debt getting an education, still needing 2 or more jobs, just to stay afloat. This scenario causes a person to make the wrong choices because YOU failed to invest in your mental development.
It is true that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t be too busy to improve.
When your children graduate High School. They are expected to participate and compete in society without the proper tools and training NOT received in High School. This is the same dilemma discussed earlier of being thrown into a large body of water where YOU either sink or swim. Some students decide to attend college, while others decide to learn a skill or trade. Many more decide to wing it, through LIFE on their own without a Mentor, enrolling in the School of Hard Knox upside the head, ending up in prison or an early grave.


In Law School, I discovered even though I studied over 6 hours per day and took practice exams. This was NOT enough and I needed more refined knowledge of the curriculum, and how to apply it, that I was NOT learning from the lectures.  First, I realized, I had a learning deficit and Second, I sought to fix deficiency. I did two things, I joined the Black Law Students association gaining access to students who were more experienced. I later became president of this same organization, in order to Mentor those who were coming behind me. I discovered a gold mine of knowledge and mentorship who were committed to my success. Next, I joined a Bar preparation course and became a sales rep. This allowed me to gain access to specialized outlines, and study material that isolated each subject which allowed me to organize my approach for each subject area of the law. Instead of having a scattered approach to the study of Law. I was able to focus through work groups and study material NOT available to the average law student, FREE of charge, accept for the giving of my Time. In exchange for gaining this access. I had to spend a couple hours per week marketing the Bar Review Material, which was quite expensive. This was the difference between completing law school, graduating, and then, passing the Bar Exam.

An “obstacle” is like a “problem”, both are merely opportunities in disguise. However, success requires giving something more! 


My background prior to attending Law School was in Business Administration, Financial Management, Taxation, Securities and Insurance sales. I discovered a serious problem and opportunity. I discovered when people are educated and informed about their investment decisions. They faired better in the long term and stuck with it. If people don’t understand the why and how of it all, there is only dysfunction, chaos and failure. Just as now, people think that gambling in the stock market is investing. It’s only gambling and speculation and the people don’t have a clue and get upset because they failed to get an understanding and blame those benefitted off your ignorance and misfortune. It’s called being scammed again, and again. This is an example of seeing and NOT understanding getting caught up in get rich quick schemes, bit coins, short sales and market timing gimmicks. This is NOT investing, but gambling.
One day you won’t be able to work for money. So, you must learn early in LIFE how to change places with your money and have your money work for YOU. I know you’re saying, I barely have enough to live off of, how am I going to be able to do such a thing? Great question, this is part of the renewing process. This is hidden knowledge because our parents were NOT a part of the rich and famous crowd who possess money and this knowledge. The fool and it’s money will soon depart. This is what happens when a person with no money management skills get money. They lose it and in most cases, they never had it in the first place because they destroyed their LIFE. The way it is right now is NOT the way its  going to be, if YOU embrace these teachings.
The purpose of getting an education is to be able to earn income and satisfy your basic needs [food, clothing, shelter] to support yourselves and families, hopefully earning enough to afford certain luxuries, however, this is NOT enough. Remember, a JOB does NOT belong to YOU, so YOU should have a back up plan. YOU need a Plan A, B and C. A JOB is like having training wheels, but eventually they must come off. Many people think their JOB will last forever, it will NOT. Hopefully it does, if that’s your desire. It’s how YOU utilize those precious resources called, cash-flow.
Developing a cash flow stream is vitally important to achieving your short-term and long-term goals. YOU will learn how to manage and leverage that income, even if YOU don’t have a JOB right now. I got YOU too! NOT only is this Mentorship Program designed to train and provide YOU with a superior competitive advantage in managing your LIFE and financial affairs. It is designed to help YOU supplement your income in ways only limited by your willingness to develop your mind and share with others.  YOU will develop an ACTION PLAN for your LIFE and then PROVIDED with the means and opportunity to fund your Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations for your LIFE.
This is why I created this Mentorship Program?
I used my Law School Preparation strategies to create this program in Wealth Literacy and Empowerment using my 45 year background in financial management and Legal Experience. I don’t recommend investments. I only give you the framework to engage in critical thinking when developing your wealth literacy approach and portfolio. This is a hybrid system that transforms your income into wealth. I took various critical subjects and broke them down into digestible pieces that will allow YOU and your family to master the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth over time. This approach is designed to alleviate the problems of the working poor, such as poverty, depression, and generational curses which lead to the failure to create a family legacy. So, your income combined with my University In Your Home Program is designed to improve lives. The program will create a new generation of leadership, thousanaires, millionaires, and even a few billionaires, but only if YOU are dedicated and committed to the process.
Just like Law School!
Your child will receive an engaging University style experience for a fraction of the cost. Why? It’s time that the PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PERSON begin to bring some of that knowledge and know how, too bear on building informed, stronger and more resilient individuals and communities. YOU no longer have to go into debt to receive a quality  and superior education. 
Allow your sons and daughters to be transformed into 21st Century thinkers and doers capable of thriving in any environment, bringing a higher level of competence to their households and communities able to start fortune 500 companies right out of High School.  Your children will be able to identify and take advantage of legitimate opportunities and stop being scammed by distractions that destroy and burden their LIFE. Once they understand how capitalism operates. The light bulb will come on and they will find their glory and balance in LIFE. They will discover their Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity.
It’s time to create a new generation of spiritual leadership, economic thinkers and community builders who have our best interests in mind in all they do. How and why? Because through this Mentorship/Ministry graduates from this Program will be grounded, financially stable individuals whose motivation is NOT greed but to bless and groom it’s constituents by empowering your children, family, friends while flowing into their communities.
This is a Ministry/Movement in Spiritual and Economic Empowerment.
After graduating from the WEALTH LITERACY BOOTCAMP PROGRAM, you will become eligible to get paid for IMPROVING yourself and helping others to do the same through my “Each One Teach One” and “Earn While YOU Learn Program” called Mainstreet Emergency Economic Stimulus Program [MEESP]. Through this program you can add income to your monthly budgets, by earning hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars helping others to receive the same opportunity you have. An actual treasure of gold at the end of this rainbow [Graduation].  Plus, when you finish the program you will be eager to share with others because you’ll want those whom you interact with to be wealthy and wise as well. This will become your Power Base!
Allow your children to become the CEO and Captain of their LIFE.
Peace and Blessing.
It’s Time to Be More by learning to Thrive together through the Renewing of Our Minds!
Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.
P.S. – This is an opportunity to reinvigorate yourself, family and communities through this empowerment Ministry/Movement. Organize yourself into groups of 3 to 5; meet regularly with an agenda [provided] holding your team mates accountable.  It is recommended to start this at the family level training your children at an early age by incorporating these teaching into your weekly family meetings. See 52 Week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop. YOU will have fun while growing, so don’t worry, embrace the journey.
Each participate must be prepared by engaging in their own personal study time of a minimum of 4 study hours (40hr work week x 10% Self – Investment factor) per week [Night School]. 
NEWS FLASH – Group meetings can only be effective if all participants are PREPARED and READY to engage in the weekly material with Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm with DESIRE, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION.  Your Self Study and Preparation is the glue that binds, which will create Synergy [POWER] within your group(s). NO WEAK LINKS. YOU will be prepared and motivated to support each other to success. Get a jump start on building your economic development team by calling a Family Meeting and share this information.
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