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  I Produce three (3) Podcasts designed to get into the Inner Psyche of the Individual Mind by taking three different approaches. All are designed to till the soil of the Mind allowing NEW seeds of understanding to be planted which will eventually reap a different more enduring type of Harvest in your LIFE. It also teaches before the harvest is possible that the Mind must be opened and cleared in order to remove bad unfertile soil, debris, and barriers to progress.  Some examples are poor self-esteem, excessive mysticism and superstition, hardcore Cognitive Dissonance [Closed Minded], and being afflicted with decades of depression caused by Stockholm Syndrome aka Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD). These ramped mental diseases and defects have caused many generational curses of "dysfunction" and "inappropriate behavior" which cause Poverty and Economic Despair.  However, allowing this open engagement through listening and discourse can open up the Mind which will begin the healing process by getting an understanding which will begin the momentum towards Positive CHANGE, Personal ACTION, and Group PROSPERITY. 

It's actually rather simple!


Here are the Three (3) Podcasts: 

  (1) The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity teaches about living an abundant LIFE, and what do the Wisdom Scriptures teach us about why it is important to seek the path to Spirituality, in spite of living in a World consumed by excessive Materialism, Greed, and Moral Bankruptcy.  YOU will LEARN what it means to be Spiritual.  YOU will LEARN to Live a LIFE of Inner Peace and Prosperity; 

  (2) Real Talk deals with Poverty, Racism, Reparations, and of Course Economic Solutions. There is NO such thing as a problem [opportunity] without a SOLUTION;

  (3) Prosperity Podcast Radio is meant to be Motivational enough for YOU to become inspired [self-starter] and begin to take ACTION in your LIFE by laying a FOUNDATION for your Future Self through this Road Building Ministry [Movement] of Empowerment directed towards your Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Once I get YOU started on the Path to a brighter more bountiful future. I will be here to walk with YOU and train YOU, and Pay YOU, to keep YOU headed down the right path. This is a  3-tier Ministry designed to make YOU the captain of your destiny and train your loved ones to do the same.

This is a no-brainer, which means YOU Don't need a Brain to appreciate this Offer!

My Latest Podcasts

Boardwalk Management and Investment Group is a Personal Growth and Business Development Company.

This business model is designed to be personable for each individual, giving them the opportunity to examine themselves (A Look in the Mirror) and see what it is that YOU can do right now to become a better informed and productive individual. We want to make sure that each person builds upon a solid foundation and we are all on the same page of progressive thinking.

This is the “Good News”, that we will walk with you to help nurture and develop your personal and business success. This is a continuing education program for the average person. This program is designed to develop your mental aptitude in areas you were never taught but keep you in bondage.

We will also provide the environment and tools for you to transform your life and become successful. We start from the ground up and rebuild and/or supplement your continued growth, but you must become a “seeker of knowledge” in order for the process to be most effective. You must spend at least 3-4 hours a week in study.

We will try our best to keep you engaged in your study, but you must be an active learner, go after the knowledge. Google is an excellent tool, but you still must know the question to ask! It will all take time, so relax and don’t force it. Our goal is to create a newer and improved version of yourself (Mind, Body and Soul).

Once we get the PERSON in the mirror headed in the right direction, then, we can practice working together in UNITY.  This is what the Boardwalk “Life Plan” is all about. This is the prerequisite course because it will give you the opportunity to put your vision on paper, which creates magic. When your vision is clear, it will propel you forward. The vision is the fuel you will need to move forward and that which is needed to light that torch in your heart, so you can see the road ahead, even when things seem dark . It’s all about behavior modification and taking a fresh look at who you are and how you can improve and/or maintain yourself.

The next phase is the implementation stage. The time is right and the price is right! I have made you an offer you can’t refuse. Get started on making your dreams come true by becoming an active participant in your own success.  When you provide your email address. You will be enrolled in your FREE 30 day “Life Plan” online course. However, you should be able to complete the course in half the time, if you stay focused and determined, but even if it takes longer, no worries, its still FREE. There is a very nominal fee ($7) for the PDF course booklet, but the course is FREE to encourage you to get started right away. There should be a sign up form located on this page.

However, you should try and stay on pace with the time frame in order to move forward in the process. I don’t want you to fall behind. The next phase begins the University in Your Home online financial management and life skills course. For more information about our programs go to our website located at www.powerthroughunity.org.

The final phase is building an economic base which is not dependent on government and corporations for survival. This is done by tapping into the superior ingenuity and resources which flow through each community, thereby eradicating poverty, crime and despair, which are merely symptoms of poor cash flow and poor education in the areas that matter. We will build upon the ingenuity and UNITY of the people. This is how the people will not only take back control of their lives but begin to chart a new direction in history.

Embrace this organizational structure and make it your own.  You are the CEO of your destiny. Organize with 3-5 members and look into taking the 12 week crash course which will allow you to start earning affiliate commissions right away. This is an each one teach one program.  You will receive a certificate upon completion which will allow you to participate. However, completion of the entire course is required to maintain your right to receive compensation for helping another person to create and implement their vision in life and getting paid for doing so. Teach family and friends to be successful because your financial success is based upon helping others to succeed. Its better to be surrounded by successful people.

So, no matter who you are, this message should resonant in your spirit.

Let’s try walking together with no division among us.

Yours Truly,

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair

P.S. – Fair Exchange is not Robbery!



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