A Manifestó on Parenting

    This is a Mentorship Supplement to helping you to become an improved Person/Parent.  As Individuals, the majority of us, treat LIFE as an exercise in Trial and Error beginning with our Christian Indoctrination, which followed many from slavery which they brought with them. This toxicity which is keeping the mind weak and dysfunctional tells them, just have Faith and Hope and everything when YOU die, will receive your heavenly reward.  During LIFE just grin and bear it and eventually God will intervene in spite of yourself and everything will work out in your favor. These Christian Institutions never discuss proper planning and skill set development other than programs for feeding the poor who come back weekly.  This approach has created paupers, beggars, thieves, and Gentrification. This same mental weakness has through osmosis, gotten into the family structure and caused it to disintegrate right before our eyes.  This societal plague in addition to governmental actions has destroyed the person and family unit.  So, How Can WE and How Do WE, Build Back Better? Making this more than just another worthless campaign slogan.  Parenting for practical purposes has become a process of Trial and Error and a Broken Institution. 

    YOU no longer have to Hope things will turn out for the better.  As YOU will learn in the reading, FAITH and HOPE is NOT a Strategy. This is an Opportunity to equip yourself and children with the training and skills they need to enhance their LIFE in order to compete at a HIGH Level, even right after High School. It is recommended that my Mentorship programs be implemented in your home as soon as age 8 years. In other words this NEW Way of LIFE, must become a part of Our DNA which is learning to compete and prosper in Society.  I know that, once a person knows better, they will do better.  The goal here is to refine and build upon who YOU are, by developing the good and removing the bad and non productive habits. This will require a commitment to becoming your Best Self.  Just as exercise, health and good nutrition should be used to develop your Best Self. This process will become profitable and contagious spreading like a cleansing virus throughout our persons, homes and communities. 

    This paradigm shift into becoming a Creator and NOT a Destroyer, in every aspect of your LIFE will provide YOU and your children with a better focus of a NEW and an Improved reality for the NEW Life ahead, but only if YOU choose to Participate in the RENEWAL Process.  YOU see too many of expect someone else to do the hard lifting, which means YOU are waiting for and expecting someone else to meet your needs, and  then complain about the results. YOU have to do the WORK, NOT just wait and see. NO ONE can say YOU if YOU don’t do the WORK, which amounts to making an Individual Choice called FREE WILL. 

Laziness, Indifference and removing cognitive barriers is preventing us the Working Poor from progressing in LIFE. UTILIZING these teachings, your Faith and Hope will come alive which will inspire YOU to live within your LIFE Purpose. YOU will begin to see the development of strong and vibrant young people, if YOU practice these principles.  This is will allow them to become their best self. If the Parent(s) don’t possess discipline and structure themselves. How can a person teach what they don’t know or haven’t experienced. The Demon of Indoctrination and Cognitive Dissonance will want to stop YOU from using your FREE WILL which is then, by definition, No Longer yours. The choice is yours, and there is NO turning back by THE WAY. This process is actually an Exorcism if YOU have a Demon Virus. The Opportunity here is to allow yourself to be broken down and then rebuilt. This rebuilding process based on sound Biblical Scriptures which empower, will allow YOU to reevaluate your reality and work on removing barriers to your basic survival and progress. 

LIFE is a work in Progress, so train yourself and children to Thrive!

If YOU Love Yourself and Your Children. This is the best Legacy Gift, YOU can give them!

Empower Your Children to Compete and Thrive in Society!

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Your Contribution helps Support the Movement which is a Fair Exchange when Real Blessings flow Both Ways. This is NOT a One Way Transaction. YOU Bless God and Yourself by Becoming Your Best Self able to LIVE your Best LIFE, according to Scriptures and Wisdom Teachings. 

So, Get OFF your Knees and Teach A Child to READ!

A Manifesto on Parenting in the 21st Century 


December 28, 2017

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Claud Sinclair

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