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Thank you for considering the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity. Our ministry is dedicated to helping you achieve not just spiritual growth, but also personal and economic prosperity. We believe everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and purposeful life, and we are here to provide you with the tools and community infrastructure you need to achieve that.

If you are tired of feel-good messages that leave you without practical application for your life, we invite you to join us in renewing your mind and discovering your true purpose. Our weekly podcasts, videos, and webinars, led by Rev. Dr. Claud Sinclair, Esq., will help you develop good character and skill development, allowing you to find direction in your life and take personal responsibility for your success.

We understand that change can be difficult, especially if you have been indoctrinated into superstitions and feel-good messages since childhood. But we assure you that the journey towards mental liberation and personal growth is worth the effort. Don’t let the Demon of Oppression, Apathy, and Indifference keep you in mental bondage any longer. Push through and start creating a renewed and liberated mind today.

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The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity is a 21st Century Spiritual Ministry for Personal Growth and Professional Development. 



Code Name – EXODUS



God Spoke to Me and said, “During the Civil War, I sent an army to free my People from physical bondage and many good people died going to their aid, however, many of those freed, unwittingly took slavery with them when they left, in the form of Christianity, passing it on to their Children.”

My people hate slavery, but love the institution that enslaves them – Christianity?

God revealed to me, that the Anti-Christ is NOT a person – It is a system in the form of religious New Testament teachings of Paul the Apostate [Deceiver]. Apostate [Apostle] means to turn away from the original teachings of Christ. It’s right in your face! Ministers teaching the Pauline epistles [Portions of the New Testament] has turned my people away from Me, into becoming delusionary idol worshippers which is forbidden by God. My people then, can’t figure out why they are at the bottom of society, despised and hated. They know who YOU are, but YOU have forgotten.

This is why, YOU are being destroyed and oppressed “as a people”. Your soul is being murdered!

My Mission is to FREE your Mind by pointing out our continued mistake(s) and how to be transformed into everlasting Prosperity [On Earth as it is In Heaven]. YOU no longer have to believe in delusions, separated from one another, impoverished, soulless beings, consumed by selfish greed. In addition to these teachings, we must learn to bond with one another.

Come Out of her and restore your soul or risk being cast into outer darkness.

The redeemed are needed to restore BALANCE

to a World that is becoming increasingly more Wicked.

 This message applies to EVERYONE, especially the “Churched”.

The “Churched” is anyone who has been Indoctrinated since childhood into this Christian deception.

YOU judge a Tree by its Fruits!

If this isn’t YOU, you’re better off, but YOU still possess the same set of challenges,

which is NOT being able to accept and process New Information [Cognitive Dissonance].

Don’t worry, WE keep the teachings of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ.

“We don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”, meaning YOU will learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I’m NOT saying, everything in the Bible is bad, nor is everything in the Bible valuable for your self-worth.

The Bible is an excellent critical thinking tool requiring YOU to THINK. Satan is the most cunning creature who was with God in the beginning. It is his job, to seek YOU out and devour YOU.

Your LIFE is a Test!

YOU must use God’s Commandments and Jesus’ teachings as the boundary, ‘THE WAY” to get an understanding. Narrow is the road to your salvation and broad is the road to your destruction.

YOU will get a taste of what I mean below:


The Demon of Oppression, Apathy, and Indifference will want to keep YOU in Mental Bondage and will attack YOU,

preventing YOU from reading and digesting this crucial soul-saving Information needed for your total Restoration [Upgrade].

Don’t Stop because it confronts your Indoctrination [Cognitive Dissonance]!

YOU have to push through to purify and renew your Mind on the Road to Taking Back Your Power.

It will be painful, but don’t be afraid to Create in YOU, a Renewed and Liberated Mind!


  1. We will discuss why feel-good messages alone are detrimental to your Spiritual Growth and Economic Empowerment.  Feel-good messages leave you under a trance of enchantment creating a delusional mind with NO practical application for your LIFE. Just consider the impact over a lifetime of having to do nothing but have “Faith”, “Belief”, and “Keep Hope Alive”, combined with “Yes, We Can” with no tools and community infrastructure. The problem is that each generation is without real direction in LIFE. We need to fix this! These comforting messages of some outside cosmic force coming to save YOU, do NOT provide the framework needed for YOU and your children to look deep inside yourselves, leading to a path of CORRECTIVE ACTION.

  2. These feel-good Christian and motivational messages, Do NOT show YOU how to develop good Character and skill development allowing YOU to find PURPOSE and direction in your LIFE. It teaches YOU to abdicate Personal Responsibility because it indoctrinates your mind into believing some cosmic force outside of yourself is going to save YOU if YOU just have Faith and Believe in positive thoughts. This is a half-truth. These messages are only for your Entertainment and Mental intoxication, NOT for your Eternal Salvation. It separates YOU from your true inner essence [Your Third Eye]. When YOU go home, after listening to these enchantments each week. What’s next, besides cursing at your children and neighbors, gossiping, arguing, fighting, robbing, and stealing? YOU are NOT even able to get along and communicate with each other in your relationships. Why are YOU praying [begging] for a breakthrough expecting God to provide your breakthrough when He has given YOU everything YOU need? Does this make sense? No, it doesn’t. YOU have been indoctrinated since childhood into superstitions and feel-good messages, that tell YOU, someone else other than YOU, will save YOU.  YOU are told your efforts are mere boasting, worthless, and meaningless before God.  This is utter nonsense! YOU have been tricked into giving up your god power, which fuels your Third Eye which gives YOU your energy, focus, and creativity. The world is falling apart because this approach to LIFE is destroying YOU and NOT producing tangible results. This approach has created a Fake and morally bankrupt Individual and Society. If the God of the bible worked the way, the New Testament presents itself, do YOU think our world would be in such chaos? Absolutely Not! The Bible even tells us to be able to separate truth from fiction, but it also tells us to judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. This is your Wake Up Call!

  3. It should be obvious that WE have been deceived into believing that all YOU must do is have Faith, Believe, and keep hope alive. Faith, Hope, and Belief do NOT make sense or cents without effort, energy, and enthusiasm in your LIFE to help yourself and others in need. YOU are being conditioned to Believe NOT in yourself, but in some outside mystical force that will operate in your best interest, just by using your imagination. This behavior has been reinforced by government subsidies such as nonprofit benefits and welfare, that diminish your ability to thrive and prosper.

  4. The scripture tells us, On Earth, as it is In Heaven. This requires YOU to take corrective ACTION in your LIFE. YOU must start living a new reality, by regaining the ability to think and reason for yourself. The Truth is hidden among the lies in the Bible.  It is important to learn to read it properly for yourself [critical thinking skills required].  This indoctrination of lies has caused your pure childhood mind to be conquered, NOT able to separate Truth from Fiction. As a child, YOU are indoctrinated and bombarded with lies and deceptions, and when middle school arrives YOU and your peer’s spirits have been severely diminished which creates chaos carried throughout LIFE. Did YOU know starting in middle school is where the prison industrial complex grooms most of its inmates for LIFE?

  5. How can a person possess a sound mind under these circumstances, especially if your parents were also tarnished because they too, have been subjected to the same diminishing process? As a result, when presented with alternative information, designed to restore your God-given power. YOU fight against it! This is called cognitive dissonance.  This indoctrination creates a mental barrier to receiving a mental upgrade. The Demon of Ignorance [Cognitive Dissonance] prevents the mind from being renewed to reset and establish your God reality. Even if empowering scriptures out of the same bible, previously used to destroy and diminish your god essence are presented to YOU.  YOU will reject it because YOU were taught that YOU are no good, a sinner, wretched, and nothing YOU do can save YOU but some outside being that YOU must have faith and believe in. YOU have been demolished as a spiritual being.  The Mind must struggle to operate in “Reality”, NOT in fiction, lies, and superstition. Most of Us have been indoctrinated since childhood to live in a fantasy world. The Easter bunny laying eggs, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus coming down the chimney leaving gifts when your parents bought them, and a person being raised from the dead [zombie] who will save YOU, the rapture, and so on. When YOU discover your parents have lied to YOU, it makes YOU angry and it further distorts your reality because YOU have none and YOU become further insane within the burdens of LIFE, YOU were never equipped for. Why do YOU think children and children in adult bodies are losing their minds, engaging in inappropriate behavior leading to generational curses, committing crime, not being able to have positive relationships, engaging in suicide at an increasing rate, and so forth? 

  6. YOU will learn in this MINISTRY/Movement how to identify this Deception to take back Your god POWER and restore your Mind as NATURE [God] intended. The only reason I discuss these issues is because this is the elephant in the room. This is preventing many from reaching their full potential. Why?  because this deception is NOT harmless which is causing YOU to look outside of yourself for a Savior.  God created YOU completely if YOU would only study and develop your mind. There is indeed a Judgment but NOT the way YOU have been taught. YOU will learn what the scriptures and wisdom texts teach YOU about this subject of how to achieve eternal LIFE and have your heaven on earth. Your testimony and worship of God is in your LIFE, NOT in your Words or what YOU believe or have faith in, unless it is in developing yourself. Your testimony before God is based upon how YOU have kept His Commandments and the positive legacy YOU leave behind. 

  7. As an attorney and advocate, it is the facts [Your LIFE Story] that will cause YOU to either win or lose your case before the throne of God. YOU may ask how is God going to Know? It is your third eye, the base of your brain, that is your recording device and everything YOU do in LIFE is being written down. This is what your advocate, who may be Jesus, or whomever YOU choose to be your eternal spiritual advocate.  They will use the facts of your LIFE to argue your case for eternal existence before the council of elders [Jury]. You must learn how to make sure that your Heart is as light as a feather to pass your final test.  It is NOT about being perfect since perfection is NOT the test! YOU must learn to live a LIFE of Balance in reverence of God. The struggle to become your best self despite yourself is your earthly test, combined with how well YOU work with your brethren. See my Orientation Course which will go into more detail about your spiritual requirements in this LIFE. We are falling short because of Religious man-made indoctrination. The anti-Christ is NOT a Man, it is a System that is destroying our god essence.

  8. This Ministry/Movement will Empower and restore YOU and your family to thrive and prosper as God intends for your LIFE.  YOU will learn how to transform yourself, your children, and your household.  YOU will learn how to get out of debt. YOU will learn to live a prosperous LIFE on the road to the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth. What is more Heaven-Like, than being organized and competent, while generating a positive cash flow in the management of your affairs? This is heaven on earth! YOU will then be in a position to discover the Why of your existence in search of PURPOSE. What a true blessing this will be when YOU can look in the mirror and see the face of God in yourself and others. Your participation in this Ministry/Movement will create a NEW Social, Political, and Economic Paradigm for YOU and those in your LIFE and society. This transformation will occur in a very short period of time, compared to doing the same thing, over and over, again and again, year after year, sick and tired of being sick and tired. YOU will be reborn into a powerful New Reality.

  9. I have been inspired and motivated to create a CRASH COURSE [Boot Camp] for your Spiritual Renewal and Economic Empowerment. YOU will learn how to Create a Family Legacy while Destroying Generational Curses. YOU must stay focused and committed because your soul depends on it. Enroll in my Family Wealth Literacy Boot Camp designed as a learning supplement and compliment to jump-start your New LIFE Journey. This is a New Beginning, living the LIFE as God [Yahweh] intended.  God will truly walk with YOU because YOU will learn to turn your face back to the glory He has for your LIFE.

  10. Implement these teachings into your daily LIFE for immediate RESULTS, for YOU and your entire family. It will be fun, once YOU commit to the process. Finally, not only will YOU and your family be given Strategies and SOLUTIONS to Improve your LIFE. It will bring your family closer together and lead to identifying and removing inappropriate and dysfunctional behavior.

  11. This Ministry/Movement will lead to dismantling generational curses and removing institutional barriers to our social, political, and economic progress.  Even those of YOU considered to be on top of your game will learn to stay on top and grow even more, able to help others do the same. We need everyone on deck which means, making it profitable for YOU to reach back to help others. What an Awakening! This Ministry/Movement is designed to help struggling individuals, entire households, and single-parent homes to Prosper and THRIVE, spiritually, socially, and economically.

  12. This is a Ministry in Elevation. The proper use of the Word of God will make it extremely rewarding and profitable to build stronger and more vibrant lives, restore families, and communities, and rebound from the ravages of crime and drug addictions. God has prepared me for this Ministry/Movement and inspired me to reach out to YOU and show YOU how to make it profitable for YOU to LOVE, LEARN, and THRIVE, together in the spirit of UNITY. This is a Fair Exchange! However, YOU must willing to sacrifice a little, and encouraged to invest a portion of your Time [10%], Talents [10%], and Treasures [10%] into developing and expanding your Mind while YOU are being taught to be a good steward. This is NOT robbery. YOU rob God, when YOU rob yourself! Stop engaging in foolishness!

  13. YOU rob God when YOU are NOT being a good steward. YOU rob God, and yourself and destroy your Soul, never understanding the Why, of your existence when YOU refuse to turn your face from the foolishness of the world and back to God. Stop being deceived by believing in the Pimp in the Pulpit who has been deceiving YOU, believing falsely that they have more to offer YOU than the true and living god [Self]. The Church as it currently exists is a predatory one-way transaction that has distorted your Purpose in LIFE and destroyed your soul, causing the calcification of your inner essence [third eye]. Wake Up and understand that YOU are the building Fund NOT some structure that will crumble away. YOU are the Kingdom the Heaven. YOU are a Temple. YOU should live in Inner Peace and YOU are Prosperity. It’s simple. YOU serve and worship God when YOU become the Best Version of Self.

  14. How can YOU help Self and others when YOU are broke down, busted, and tore up from the floor up?



Matthew 7:24-27

Build Your House [LIFE] on Solid Ground.

In the Parable of the Builders, Jesus teaches the importance of building your house on solid ground. We’re all building our lives (our houses) on something. When everything is going well and LIFE is on point, a weak or shabby foundation won’t reveal itself. The same is a metaphor when operating a business. But how often is everything going great? In the “REAL” world, stress, anxiety, problems, and struggles come at us almost daily if not hourly. These are the times when the winds are howling and the rain is beating down on our houses. These are also the times when we will become keenly aware of how firm and sure our foundation is – or isn’t.

The “House” is a metaphor for the solidness of Your Existence [LIFE].

“Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because

“Your House” is built on a Rock [Solid Ground] and NOT on an Ancient Lake Bed.”

Matt 7:24-25

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