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YOU are a Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity.

Phase I

This is not a religious movement but a realistic Inner Self evaluation on discovering how to live a PROSPEROUS LIFE grounded upon examples from the Ancient Wisdom Texts whose emphasis is on a LIFE that is centered on taking positive ACTION through Self Improvement and then being compensated by training others to prosper as well. A Fresh New Approach to the moral decay and poverty in our world today.

Spirituality is defined here as getting in touch with your inner self by taking possession of your own mind and then taking Action in your own LIFE.

Self Discipline is taking control over your own body and your mind.  Becoming the Master of your Mind, Body and Soul.

Teach a Man to Fish and He or She will eat for a lifetime, but feed them and they will only eat until the food runs out, coming back again and again seeking more. 


See Orientation.

I also share with YOU those liberating teachings that will empower YOU to take back your POWER from the Strong Man's House that is holding YOU back. These are any bad habits or vices that get in your way to reaches your full potential. You will learn the How and Why? For example, the Why? We must judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. We need to take a different approach in order to change the status quo of poverty and despair!

This is a 21st Century 24/7 on-line Consciousness raising Ministry that is open to all.  My mission is to help YOU to see yourself and then, show you ways to improve "Self" by working with YOU to discover your POWER and excitement. Then your genius bulb will pop on even brighter than ever.

When YOU are prepared to compete, your confidence and Self-Esteem has a tendency to soar. Especially when YOU are being encouraged by someone who is SUPPORTIVE of your success and not being a hater.

When living LIFE without PURPOSE and Direction. The emotional Symptom of this VOID results in your Depression which leads to disease. This debilitating emotion is your inner higher power telling you to get it together or you'll emotionally continue to suffer until YOU correct it through ACTION which does not mean being drugged into submission.

This 21st Century Ministry has numerous videos, podcasts and weekly sermons designed just for YOU, to listen to, in the privacy of your own home or within a group of your choosing.  

This Program starts with a seven (7) Day series of emails concentrating on helping YOU to understand where YOU are in your LIFE cycle which has three (3) stages and why it is important to understand your Life PURPOSE. 

This is especially important if YOU have young school age children. Use this Ministry to train your your children when they are young and under your control.  They will learn to connect the dots between school and real LIFE.

YOU can prepare your children for the coming challenges of LIFE before they are ready to leave your oversight embarking on their own Life Journey. Supplement your parenting with this Ministry by helping your children to be well prepared to succeed by laying a solid spiritual and economic foundation before leaving home.  YOU can make this Ministry your own because this education should take place in your home!

A LIFE Program that is Clear and Purpose Driven.  

YOU will be Inspired to REACH your POTENTIAL!

Let Me Show YOU How?




What happen to YOU and your Future Generations?

Put a University In Your Home - Boardwalk School of Economics

Phase II

Everyone needs a University Education, but in this institution of higher learning. YOU learn and understand the difference between making Money and Creating Wealth.

I start with the Science of Budgeting from a financial analysts point of view in relation to improving upon your personal and business endeavors.

You will start with the Financial Basics by learning how to manage the Money that YOU do have and by getting out of debt while becoming eligible to earn some additional income after completing my financial boot camp.

 The FREE information offered above is simply a primer to get YOU thinking about your current finances and future economic issues before they arise.

YOU will learn how to become your own BOSS. YOU will become the CEO of your own LIFE able to make important critical decisions as they arise.  

YOU will Learn what it is to be an Entrepreneur because YOU will come to understand that your LIFE is a Business and requires a certain skill set, but this only matters if you want a successful and prosperous LIFESTYLE.

This means different things to different people which only means being able to live above your basic needs being able to enjoy life and save for your future retirement along the way.

Success is a Learned Behavior and is the best gift you can leave to your children.

As YOU continue in your training you will learn how you can be compensated while learning this material. Earn while YOU Learn. YOU can be compensated if you are willing to share this knowledge with other family and friends in order to train current and future generations in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth.

This is a program in Prosperity and Wealth Creation by helping YOU create an Individual and Family Legacy. 

As my ORIENTATION will teach YOU. Creating a LEGACY is a spiritual requirement, and not just keeping your backs bent and heads bowed in Church prayer and worship. 

So, YOU so called Prayer Warriors, get off your knees and teach a child to Read because Readers are Thinkers.

Invest 10% of your Time, Talents and Treasures into your own Personal Growth and Professional Development.

This represents Tithing in your own personal growth, making YOU your own building fund. This means if you work 40 hours on someone else's plantation, invest at least 4 hours a week in building your own.  It's a personal commitment to yourself to become your best self, which will add up over time.

I would always say to sports fanatic's, that if I could get YOU to be as excited about your own economic progress like YOU are about learning team sports and idolizing athletes, that will never put money in your pocket. What a profitable change in habit that would become in your own life.

The same is true about people living vicariously through the lives of the so called rich and famous and start concentrating on their own LIFE.

Street Knowledge + Boardwalk School of Economics = ECONOMIC POWER.

"Your LIFE should be a Productive Enterprise"

Your Business and

Legal Department

Phase III

This is where Phase I and Phase II

are put into Practice. 

It should speak for itself.

Now we are on the same page and speak the same language. Now YOU can make things happen by learning to fund and manage your PROJECTS by learning to create successful Business Ventures and getting the proper business and legal advice. 

Forming a business entity and operating it properly is a big deal which is beyond street knowledge [School of Hard Knocks upside the head] and common sense which is based upon emotion and your environment.

By the way, common sense is not that common and does not apply to operating a successful business.  For example, hiring an accountant or financial advisor before YOU learn how to do it yourself does not make good sense or cents.

See Boardwalk School of Economics.

Put yourself in a winning position where YOU no longer have to wait 10 years or the rest of your life, to open your dream business or having to operate serial businesses because of failure after failure because YOU lack the required skill base.


Now, you know how it is done. It takes skill which the successful call getting LUCKY.


The definition of LUCK is where PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY.

You will receive both here! 

One of the biggest challenges in becoming successful is being skilled enough to recognize a legitimate opportunity, when it is being presented to YOU, such as this one. 

Becoming prosperous takes Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm, and these burning desires will cause YOU to leave the pack behind.

Becoming prosperous has more to do with self-discipline and inner peace, than it has to do with material wealth.

YOU do not want to become wealthy and miserable which merely means gaining all your desires and then lose your eternal soul.


Now that YOU have created the infrastructure of your Life Plan and fully understand your responsibilities for success, not only will YOU be able to identify profitable opportunities.

 YOU will also have the knowledge and support to stay away from "grifters" and constantly engaging in losing projects.

 This Department can be your Business and Legal Support Team to help YOU implement your Wealth Building and Preservation Strategy. 

Remember, earning Income is a different skill set and mindset than the skill set required, in the Art of Wealth Creation.  This is what this program is all about which requires a mind shift which takes time to develop.

Ask, why does one person create a massive Estate to pass on to their children and when the children get their hands on it, it all disappears almost immediately? 

I call it a Poverty Mindset which is the cousin of going into credit card debt and thinking the solution is in credit repair which is a predatory financial scheme for the uninformed.

The same is even true even when a person wins the lottery or comes into a great sum of money. It will disappear almost immediately.

"Creating a Family Legacy and

Succession Plan takes special knowledge, training and skill development with access to a

knowledgeable SUPPORT STAFF."

Get started on your Journey by accepting my FREE Gift Below.





Get started and then 

YOU choose your Affiliate Program where you Earn Income while YOU Learn.


A program for Training a

New Generation of Leadership.



Get an Education in Real PROSPERITY!

A Continuing Education in

Personal and Business Financial Management 

for the whole Family after

High School, Trade School, College or Prison.

I've created this important 
Course that offers
Five (5) comprehensive Certificate
 Personal Growth and Professional Development 

BONUS: A member asked me if they could put these certificates on their resume and/or could they deduct the cost of the course on their taxes. The answer is YES to both questions. Listen, YOU can see my biography when you review the curriculum (click on Curriculum Link below). I consider myself very qualified with over 40 years of academic and professional experience. I know the curriculum works with many success stories, including my own children who are very successful professionals and homeowners. With this new internet technology, I can reach thousands, if not millions of future students at an economical cost, which is being passed on to YOU.  I possess multiple degrees and 15 years experience in Financial Management and Economics, as well as a doctorate degree, and 25 years of experience in the practice of Law. This is a program in personal growth and professional development for my members. Completing this curriculum will make YOU a great asset to any employer who hires YOU and especially very useful in your own Business LIFE. The course is ideal for individuals, employees and future Entrepreneurs. This would be something that you would be proud to share with any employer. When YOU qualify for the affiliate Program, this could become a potential source of steady income for YOU. This is definitely a course YOU should consider sharing with your employer to help with employee productivity and also a company investment in their employees. It will give both employer and employee peace of mind in case of future layoffs, business downturns and long-term employment, knowing that their employees will know how to make maximum use of the paychecks they are receiving, learning to invest in their future selves, making better and more competent employees. Of course, discuss the issue of being tax deductible with your Tax Preparer, but since you are being taught how to manage your taxable income, learning the art of tax planning and learning how to manage your money. It is definitely tax deductible in my opinion. 



I.   FREE Orientation (recommended 7 - 10 Days). 

II.  Critical Thinking (Budgeting and Financial Literacy) - Weekly Workshops using 12 Month Legacy Calendar and Workbook(s).

III. Right of Passage Certificate Program [Create a LIFE (LEGACY) Action Plan - LIFE Business Skills Orientation]  (90 Days - 12 weeks)

Extra Curricula Topics to be emailed separately.

 [Developing The Super Brain, Health, Physical fitness, History, Spiritualism, War and           Politics]

The Main Course In Personal and Business FINANCIAL Management, Business and Estate Planning.

IV.  Creation of Wealth Certificate Program (90 Days - 12 weeks)

V.  Accumulation of Wealth Certificate Program (90 Days - 12 weeks)

VI.  Preservation of Wealth Certificate Program (90 Days - 12 weeks)


You can stop, which I do not recommend or YOU will be given the option of continuing the Program. You are now an elite member. The Cream of the Crop, a BOSS - a junior C.E.O.

You will be introduced to your Main Street Emergency Economic Stimulus Program (M.E.E.S.P) which is an Affiliate Marketing Program designed to help you to create and recycle wealth by helping yourself and then, by helping others - Reparations. IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!  YOU will learn how you can now finance your own LIFE ACTION PLAN that YOU prepared in Phase III.  Could YOU imagine being paid to go to Harvard or Yale?  Who couldn't use some extra CASH?  

Now, YOU will GAIN the KNOWLEDGE; and EARN the opportunity to BUILD WEALTH, based upon your own Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm [WORK] coupled with your commitment of TIME, TALENT and your willingness to invest in yourself.  This is where the rubber meets the road, where YOU build the economic momentum within your family, friends, employer and community through EDUCATION and by the sharing of WEALTH PRESERVATION strategies YOU are learning. If YOU have a non profit or for profit business that needs funding. YOU are in the right place. YOU will receive instruction on the proper legal structure for your business YOU are planning to operate and YOU will learn how to operate this business according to legal standards, in order to benefit from its limited liability structure.

Taking all this into consideration, this is how YOU get your Return on Investment (R.O.I) from this program, which as YOU will see, will be better than the stock market because the only risk, is that if YOU do not complete the course. Each One Teach One and Earn While YOU Learn, is a dual program that compliments each other and forces us to come together in the Spirit of Cooperation and Unity because it will be in our best interests to do so.  So, any compensation is based on that personal commitment you make to yourself and has nothing to do with anyone else, but YOU.

This Personal Journey will be your testimony to Excellence which YOU will use to earn thousands is not millions of dollars.  Your earnings potential will be unlimited based upon a spiritual formula of synergy, which says when two or more are gathered together in my name. I AM is in the mix, which means one plus one does not equal two. It equals Three, this is synergy. A mathematical formula to building wealth. Your earning potential will become unlimited, if stick to this Success Formula. Now, YOU can be compensated for learning and then coming together in Unity when YOU build your TEAM, but only if YOU are interested.  Some people say they are not sales people, let me say that YOU will be so excited with the knowledge of changing lives, this will not be a thought. But, if YOU do, this is also a win because now YOU have been empowered with the knowledge to build industries. Remember, we have a business and legal department to help YOU along the way.  This is a proactive Pre Paid Program that educates YOU so you will not get into trouble, and not wait until after the fact. Those with legal issues can get help right away.  Let's get out of Debt and Legal Problems and leave the past behind, by helping to pull yourself and others out of POVERTY (J.O.B.) with this empowerment strategy. When the time arrives (180 days at the end of boot camp). YOU will be given more details about how the program works. There are Three Programs. The cost of the regular Basic Program, who can earn affiliate status and two affiliate Programs where YOU can earn a return on your investment based upon the program you choose. The education is the same, but the affiliate programs will give you an opportunity to earn 10% or 30% R.O.I., on each transaction, up to a certain dollar amount. It's a Win, Win!  

The Education is Priceless and Now YOU can get Paid.

Get this KNOWLEDGE - WISDOM into your families DNA.  

YOU now have this PRICELESS opportunity to make this paradigm shift into your 



This is not a one way transaction as YOU are accustomed.


TARGET MARKET - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. There are 160 million poor in AMERICA and the countless others who want to do better in LIFE and build a better society.  If only 50 million people join the MOVEMENT, this amounts to BILLIONS of dollars which can be re-circulated through your hands, homes and communities, transforming lives and relationships.  Now, PEOPLE will have new MINDS AND the CASH FLOW to pull themselves out of POVERTY and take charge of LOCAL and NATIONAL POLITICS, eradicating POVERTY, abolishing INSTITUTIONS of Oppression, creating NEW Business Opportunities with knowledgeable individuals, Hospitals and JOBS for our High School and College Graduates.  The Most important point being made here, is that, our youth will turn away from petty crimes and petty behavior and start to appreciate the gift/Legacy are YOU giving them. The jails will dry up and the institutions of oppressions will dry up and now we will have the power to negotiate, in order to close them up for good. This is even if we can not convince good natured white folks to join the cause, who adamantly proclaim. I AM not a racist.

YOU can help the 50 million poor to participate in their own LIBERATION, by attacking the wealth gap in this country.  I'm using this continuing EDUCATION PROGRAM as the medium of Exchange in order to break THE PEOPLE out Indifference and MENTAL BONDAGE in order to EMPOWER the people, by introducing a POWERFUL way to get back their POWER. 

This is a WIN WIN.  

YOU have one of two options:  (1) Get the EDUCATION and you're done and/or (2) continue with the program and become wealthy and 

prosperous by helping others. 

Read  - Learn - Action

In the Spirit of PEACE and PROSPERITY 


"It's easier to prepare a child than try to fix an Adult"

There are 160 million poor in the United States. That means that over half the People in the United States are in or near poverty.

This is a Power Couple!

  • This is my GIFT to help YOU to THRIVE and PROSPER in this 21st Century "Hustle" and inflationary Economy.  A course that will transform your FAITH/HOPE/BELIEF into a tangible ACTION PLAN because HOPE is not a Viable Strategy. 
  • Learn How to use your Hustle (Profession -Trade - Skill) - J.O.B. to invest in your future Self.
  • Poverty is a violation of Human Rights.
  • Discover your PURPOSE by defining and revisiting your Dreams and Aspirations
  • Learn How To Fund your ACTION PLAN.
  • Get off the sidelines of LIFE admiring others from afar (Star Struck?)
  • Transfer from the School of Hard Knocks (Living that Street Life) where the tuition ( the cost of Ignorance) is referred to as the STUPID TAX.
  • Put an end to Haters and Generational curses.
  • Learning about the Power of UNITY.
  • How to Stay Self Motivated, Focused and Determined by helping each other to stay focused in pursuit of the Completing the Course.
  • How to Run an Effective Business Meeting
  • 180 Day Action Plan (End of Boot Camp)
  • 12 Month Estate Planning (LEGACY) Calendar
  • Critical Thinking and the Cost - Benefit Analysis in Decision Making.
  • FREE ORIEINTATION - What is SPIRITUALITY -  a Deep dive into your Inner self, TRANSFORMATION .
  • What is Religion and How did we get it?
  • History, Economics, Law, Politics and Negotiation.
  • The importance of exercise, good health and nutrition
  • Make sure each Family has an Estate Plan (LEGACY).  
  • How YOU Build a Diversified Income AND Investment Portfolio.
  • How to choose the right Business Entity.
  • Wills and Living Trusts in Wealth Preservation
  • Asset Protection Planning by coordinating  your businesses, insurance and your Estate Plan together.
  • Learning about Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Cash Flow Management in the Home and Business by understanding spreadsheets.
  • Create business projects with confidence - 99% success rate after graduation vs. the current 80% failure rate.
  • Relationship and Marriage Counseling before and after Marriage.
  • Learn How to Recession Proof your LIFE.
  • Introduction to Tax Planning and Bankruptcy.
  • Every member will receive a functioning website after Boot Camp to receive affiliate commissions automatically after each successful transaction.
  • Create an Instant Estate in the Dollar Amount YOU choose. The Right Knowledge has its Benefits. 
  • A place where YOU can grow and PROSPER

Final Thoughts!

I have spent the majority of my LIFE encouraging others to educate themselves about financial management AND legal principles in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth.  During this journey, I discovered that most people will not study beyond High School and even if they do, they will never understand "true" wealth creation strategies. Even those college graduates who spend years in study, in order to get a J.O.B., are no better off.  After graduation, they just have more money to waste.  We are taught how to spend money and how to go into debt (Credit Repair) ending up losing it all in the end, left telling stories to others of what they use to have.  This lack of knowledge leads to indifference, poverty and despair.  And, if by chance YOU get to the point in LIFE where YOU are able to create a Legacy for yourself and leave a LEGACY to your children.  I've seen the children self destruct and those tremendous blessings received from YOU, now become a curse to your children because no one educated them (succession planning) about managing those assets and the process of preserving this generational wealth, in order to grow it, and pass it on to their children and so forth.   On the flip side of the same coin, too many of us, are not even mentally able to comprehend how to resolve critical life situations, which are many.  The individual will not hire a competent professional, to help resolve the crisis, they will either attempt to go it alone, or they will go to the street-hustler, scam artist and end up losing it all in the end, causing further disruption to the family unit because it was not earned by them.  I have seen many relationships destroyed, due to the financial disasters created by the parties themselves.  And not to mention the individuals who have lived with their parents into adulthood, who now become homeless, after their parents have passed away. My career has been based upon understanding this dilemma, while protecting people's rights and helping them to reach their ultimate goals, but in the end, it is the Individual who must desire to evolve and not self-destruct.  So, based upon my years of education, business and legal experience. I have created this social, political and economic system, that will transform any open minded person in the renewing of their MINDS from poverty, dysfunction and despair to wealth and prosperity.  This University In Your Home Program is an 18 month Master's curriculum in REAL LIFE, nurturing your mental IQ in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth. 


This is more than a business course.  

This is a complete WAY of LIFE - A Macroeconomic perspective on



If you work for yourself, YOU will become more EFFECTIVE in your pursuits and if YOU work for someone else, YOU will become a more SKILLED employee.  However, Keep in MIND, that this is valuable KNOWLEDGE (data = information = knowledge = wisdom), when put into ACTION.  


Make sure your children have this KNOWLEDGE and make it MANDATORY before YOU leave them an inheritance.

 What a difference this will make in YOUR LIFE and in YOUR FAMILY.







This is my CALL TO ACTION!

The Doors of the Temple are Open - Will YOU Come?

 The Parable of The Good Samaritan REMIX is a story in the bible (Luke 10:25-37) where a stranger traveling through the HOOD, was beaten down, robbed and left for dead.  The beat down occurred in broad daylight and the stranger was left on the verge of  imminent death.  Out of all those who passed by, the scriptures don't say how many, but those passing by appeared to just be getting out of church because at least two (2) of those men passing by, were ordained men of god, a Preacher and a Deacon who observed the strangers' condition and circumstances.  They both at different times walked over to look at the stranger, but both were indifferent to his plight and continued to walk by without lending a helping hand.  The reason the Preacher and the Deacon went to look was because they were probably checking the identity of the stranger to make sure the stranger wasn't a tithing member of their church.  The Scriptures don't say how long the stranger laid dying on the street but the ambulance didn't come, but sometime later, a man out of no where, came and saw the stranger and his condition.  This man, the "Good Samaritan" saw the stranger and had compassion and helped the stranger, by pouring antiseptic on the wounds and bounding them up and then, setting the stranger in his own car, taking the stranger to the hospital and leaving money for his care. The scriptures don't tell us what happened to the stranger after he left the hospital, but I can surmise, that the stranger's heart was forever changed by this encounter with the "Good Samaritan", and rest assured, the stranger began to pay it forward to help others he saw in need and he to, became The GOOD SAMARITAN.


Sincerely Yours, 

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.,

Senior Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

Minister, Attorney, Educator, Economist, Social Engineer for Change


"You have a powerful tool for empowerment"

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker

"It is a financially rewarding investment"

"This is what they should be teaching our children in high school"

"This is exactly what our community needs"

"This course is mentally stimulating"

"This is a blessing for the whole family"

"I didn't realize how much I didn't know about having money and keeping it"

"I thought I knew everything after I graduated from college, but I was definitely wrong, after being convinced to take this course"

"When I met Attorney Sinclair I had just gotten laid off and my marriage was in trouble.  I used my last money to purchase his course.  Years later, I saw him in the mall and chased him down to finally tell him how his course  transformed our lives.  I told him that my marriage is much better and we had gotten out of debt and bought 3 houses.  

Thank You so much! 

Robert and Julie
Married Couple

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