February 10, 2024


The Wealth Literacy Calendar is a companion to the 52-Week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop. Just so you know – the calendar is an outstanding stand-alone purchase until you decide to move forward. The course has more detailed instructions regarding LIFE and household management.  Make it a way of LIFE! This will improve your household dynamics, your children will improve and become self-motivated. Your relationship with your spouse or significant other will improve.  The insights YOU will gain into money and how money works to create wealth will expand your mind.

As Individuals, most treat LIFE as an exercise in futility [Trial and Error]: Que Sera, Sera [What Will Be, Will Be] or I already know that, or I’ll figure it out, or if YOU want something done right, YOU have to do it yourself. Listen, NO longer can We afford to engage in self-aggrandizement taking such a non-strategic and nonproductive approach to the only LIFE, We have.

This is an opportunity to equip YOU and your children with the training and skills they will need to enhance their LIFE and compete at a HIGH Level.  This is designed to get our collective financial houses in order. Just in case YOU can NOT read between the lines. This is a highly professional education YOU will be receiving, that will give YOU the knowledge, skills, and training to become the CEO of your LIFE and the Captain of your Destiny. This knowledge is different than your traditional education to get a job. It takes YOU to the next phase. What Next!

The New goal is that households must make education and preparation for LIFE their highest property. Every child should be proficient in Wealth Literacy NOT financial literacy or a good credit score. These are merely subsets of Wealth Literacy.  Wealth Literacy takes your dollar on a Journey in the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth.  In addition to High School Graduation.  YOUR children should get this Mastery Education in the HOME [The Original Department of Housing, Education and Welfare] before they graduate High School making them able to lead a productive LIFE. It is recommended this curriculum be implemented as soon as age 8. In other words, this NEW Way of LIFE must become a part of Our DNA which is learning to compete at a high level and prosper in Society. The Wealth Literacy Calendar will show YOU how to implement this into your HOME. YOU can’t expect your children to grow up and become productive and prosperous if they haven’t been trained in the Art of Wealth Creation.

Our children will do better once they know better. It’s time to be parent(s).  The goal here is to refine and build upon who YOU are, by developing the good and removing the bad and nonproductive habits. This will require a commitment to becoming your Best Self.  Just as exercise, health, and good nutrition should be used to develop your Best Self. This scholarly approach will become profitable and contagious spreading like a cleansing virus throughout our persons, homes, and communities.

This paradigm shift into becoming a Creator and NOT a Destroyer, in every aspect of Our LIFE will provide YOU and your children with a better focus of a NEW and an Improved reality, but only if YOU choose to Participate in the RENEWAL Process.  YOU see too many expect someone else to do the hard lifting, which means YOU are waiting for and expecting someone else to meet your needs, and then complain about the results. This is the Do It Yourself, if YOU want it done right, part of the LIFE equation!

You have to do the WORK!

NO ONE outside of yourself can save YOU, if YOU don’t do the WORK. This is both a spiritual and real world decision to prosper and thrive, called FREE WILL.

LIFE is a work in Progress, so train yourself and your children to MEET the challenges of LIFE!

I’m NOT saying you are NOT smart, however, this is a different kind of smart. This is Wealth Smart. How to make Money and Keep More of the Money YOU make and how to plant these seeds to make it grow in order to reap a harvest so your cup may overflow.

If YOU Love Yourself and Your Children. This is the best Legacy Gift, YOU can give them!

Empower Your Children to Compete and Thrive!

Make sure to provide your NAME and Email Address to get started.  Join my Facebook page and View my many videos and podcasts on varying subjects relating to Spiritual, Social, Political, and Economic Empowerment.  My YouTube channel is @claudsinclair.

Your Donations are in exchange for Educational Material that will help support this Ministry-Movement. This is a Fair Exchange where Real Blessings flow in Both Directions because a Fair Exchange is NOT Robbery. Feel free to make monetary donations even if YOU are NOT interested in learning.

This is NOT a One Way Transaction as YOU have been accustomed to. However, YOU must study individually or in groups and implement these principles in your LIFE.

The SECRET: YOU Please God [Universe] when YOU become Your Best Self and God [Universe] blesses YOU for being a Good Steward.

Christians: Get OFF your Knees, begging, hoping, and praying, and Teach A Child Wealth Literacy so they can Compete and Thrive!

This is a God requirement for your LIFE.

This knowledge is mandatory to lift even more lives out of poverty and despair!

I just wanted to let you know that you won’t regret your Donation.

YOU are the NEW Building Fund. Invest in yourself and develop your Talents while YOU seek PURPOSE in LIFE.

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