I have been practicing Law now going on 24 years and before that, I worked in Corporate Finance as a Financial Cost Analyst for 15 years in a Commercial and Manufacturing environment.  During that same time period, I had a part time businesses as a Financial Planner and Prepared Taxes for those 15 years.  I know the landscape of Personal and Business Financial Management and I put it in the context of the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth.   The problem is that People only know financial planning from the perspective of companies selling them financial products. I have developed an educational program that is designed to raise a person, family and groups out of poverty and despair, with the goal of restoring lives and relationships.  And if everything is good and prospering on your side, I help you to learn wealth preservation principles and train your trustee and/or beneficiaries on how to leverage (Build), what was left to them as a their LEGACY.   I charge $300.00 for 2 hours which includes 30 minute question and answer.

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