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 Learn How to Boost Your Prosperity.



WELCOME to the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity and my University in Your Home Program, which I call Boardwalk School of Economics.  

A free gift is on the way to AND it will appear on this Landing Page in about 47 minutes when the Message is Over. 

This FREE GIFT will have everything you need to help YOU focus on and implement Change in your Spiritual and Financial LIFE which will help YOU to create and build a strong and lasting LEGACY. It is projected that in 2052, Black Wealth will be at ZERO Percent, so YOU need to take ACTION if we are to reverse this trend. Since 1865 after the Emancipation Proclamation, Black Wealth stood at 2% and we have not gained any ground, although we can see individual accomplishments taking place! This also tells us that there was a strong pocket of Black Wealth that no longer exists which means it was not passed on to their beneficiaries who conformed to a poverty mindset.

What YOU think is what YOU become!

THIS Project IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME it is about creating NEW HABITS. It is a NEW way of Life.  I have recorded this audio version so that YOU will not be distracted but relax and play it over and over again if need be and share it with your family and friends. This is a very somber message for those who have ears to hear this message right now and if YOU humble yourself and Listen YOU will be the one that is Blessed. Blessed is the Man or Women or child that can Listen and Learn from the wisdom of God. How can the People hear without a Preacher!   

Turn your face back to God and YOU shall be lifted up before Him. Psalms 80:7 KJV Turn us again, O God of hosts and cause they face to shine; and we shall be saved. Therefore, say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God; Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away your faces from all your abominations. Ezekiel 14:6. And now therefore hear the word of the Lord, ye remnant of Judah; Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel… We must all quickly adapt to the 21st Century, unless we all want to perish together, we must learn to work together.

So, let me tell you and show you what to do and you can practice it on your own or with family and friends.

I’m giving YOU, your own PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN, in order for YOU to obtain and maintain the life that you have always dreamed, but THERE IS A CATCH because it requires a sacrifice on your part, which is, get this … two things: (1) You first must set clear and definitely defined goals for yourself and then, believe, you can achieve them and then; (2) YOU must actually put the work in to achieve what YOU have put into motion. The Law of Cause and Effect says, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You must be willing to pay the price in your Time, Talent and Treasure. We literally become what we think about because what you sow is what you reap and YOU already have everything YOU need to make your dreams come true, which is your BRAIN which God granted YOU for FREE.

Your goals are worthless unless you act on it.

It will require a mere 10% of your Time, Talent and Treasures which is a mere 4-5 hours per week, to be redirected and invested in yourself.  The average person spends 40 hours or more making others rich, but they never think of taking a portion of that income and invest in self, making themselves rich other than just thinking about it.  Time will pass no matter what you do or fail to do.

In making this offer to YOU, you will likely respond in one of two ways (1) This has to be a Scam because it sounds too good to be true; or (2) I don’t have the TIME to Invest in myself because I’m just too busy working to make ends meet, sometimes working 2 – 3 jobs.  

My response to the first statement is this, it is a sign of laziness, ignorance and mental bondage because you don’t have the ability to discern the difference between what’s real and what’s not real.  This requires you reaching deep down within yourself in order to find some mental fortitude in order to do the work that is required of you.  In order to break these mental chains which keep us at the bottom and struggling to make ends meet because every disposable dollar we make is spent on bills and taken outside of our communities. However, the easiest way to know if it is a scam, is whether the offer requires YOU to do anything other than write a check. This is how the scam works because we have been mentally conditioned to receive without doing anything in return.

The second is a response to working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet is definitely a difficult situation to break out of and mind boggling to say the least. This mentoring program is designed to teach YOU how to resolve this critical issue, but first download the FREE LEGACY Calendar when it arrives and it will get YOU started in the right direction, but I can tell YOU right now, that it starts with the Budget. We always believe that we need more money, but sometimes it starts with simply gaining control of the money YOU do have and making cuts where needed. This is the simple response, but after getting started in the program more detail will follow, but YOU first have to make the commitment to want CHANGE from this day to day grind which is easy once you learn how.

For those of YOU who are still not convinced, what if I told YOU, YOU could make your employer more money by becoming a more valuable employee and now you’re capable and in a position of getting that raise you’ve always wanted?   Think about it, already 2 areas where YOU can improve your bottom line and I haven’t even started revealing all the financial benefits of transforming your thinking when it comes to money matters! Let’s keep it real, MONEY shapes how we think and act about LIFE.

YOU HEARD RIGHT. Take at least 10% of your time, talent and treasure and invest it in yourself because YOU can’t inherit your J.O.B. and YOU can’t leave it to your children, but YOU can take a portion of your paycheck while you have it and invest in your future self, starting at $20 per month in my introductory offer. YOU HEARD RIGHT! Students pay up to $40,000 per year to get an education and after 4 years and in massive debt are still knocking on someone else’s door. I’ve spent that amount on my education and more, but now I’m sharing with YOU how YOU can get an even better start in LIFE, at a fraction of the cost. I’ve cut out the theory (chaff) and went straight to the meat of the matter, as to how YOU can immediately transform your LIFE, STARTING TODAY with the FACTS OF LIFE! And for my best students, YOU will be shown how YOU can earn Income while YOU learn and progress through the program.

You should be excited right now because for once, YOU will be taught how to put YOU and your Family first by learning NEW information never taught to YOU because You are taught to be a wage slave and dependent and nothing more.

Check this out, by developing your BRAIN POWER to think clearly, your Physical Body and reconnecting with your Spiritual Inner Self (The Soul). You will gain control of your Spiritual and Financial Life and given a new perspective. Just imagine, no more debt and more money at the end of the month where you can save and invest. YOU can now smile when someone speaks to YOU.

So, hang in there, your FREE GIFT is on the WAY.  

Still not convinced!

LISTEN: YOU’LL BE ABLE TO PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME, EARN A LIVABLE WAGE, GET OUT OF DEBT, BE TREATED FAIRLY, BE APPRECIATED AND BE RESPECTED in your Relationships and in Society AND most important you will begin to feel in control of your LIFE and your Self Esteem will automatically soar above the clouds.

You will be taught to Think Clearly and focus on improving the conditions under which too many exist, in this land of milk and honey. I will teach you to thrive in LIFE, while creating a community of those individuals who also want to BE MORE and Thrive with YOU because UNITY IS POWER but we all have to know the same thing. A TEAM HAS TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE and each team member is able to run the same play.

There is no more, I TRUST YOU and you don’t even know the play. YOU MUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRUTH AND SCAM, whether today or when YOU are retired in your golden years. This information will not only transform YOU but it will protect your LIFE from those who seek your ruin.

Still not convinced of the POWER of RENEWAL, I am offering YOU?

“YOU will overcome poverty, depression, misery and despair and stop YOU from living from paycheck to paycheck and teach YOU how to leave a legacy to your children, while also training your heirs to appreciate and grow their new legacy?”. You don’t have to be a millionaire to achieve this level of satisfaction, just earn more MONEY than YOU spend.

It will reverse any social stigma of our community and give you the power to end, once and for all, the institutional oppression we have endured for hundreds of years by merely coming together and learning how to implement these important principles into each of our individual lives.  Every individual and family must learn these principles.

Let me tell YOU a story using the Church Building Fund as an example which may also be the reason why the 2% of Black Wealth just 155 years ago right after slavery is now projected to be at 0% in just 30 more years. We have been systematically miseducated and we bought into it.

YOU see for an example, the BLACK Church has a fatal flaw because it does not empower its membership but destroys and sucks out the Life of its membership because it produces no tangible results.

Let’s use as an example, the Building FUND. You see just spending money in and of itself is not the answer without the wisdom that goes along with it. The Moral of the Story is that a Church in the neighborhood, without a solid community supporting it, is like a ship without a rudder. It will end up going nowhere fast and shipwrecked because it has no steering mechanism in place.

Let me tell you the Church story

As children we were drug babies because our Mothers’ drug us to church every week and during the week.  The church had many offerings: (1) It had its regular offering in the morning and if there was a second Sunday service, there was a second offering that same day; (2) There was a special offering for those people who thought that they were going to heaven first class. These first-class Christians are called Tither's, the financial backbone of the church. They would give 10% of their gross income off the top which is in addition to their regular Sunday offering’s. Then you have the (3) benevolent fund for the sick and shut in. This is for those members who fall on hard times, which is never enough of course. Then there is the (4) building fund, which was for either paying off the current mortgage on the church or for purchasing that new building in a better neighborhood across town where it is assumed that these new church members would be more prosperous and better givers. However, when moving to a new neighborhood which was never evangelized by the way. So, after relocating the church for an improper purpose and over the years, the new church began to dwindle because the faithful who drove across town to the new church, got tired of driving so far, became disenchanted and/or they began to age and eventually died off. The most amazing fact is that only a couple of the new church goers actually lived in the community surrounding the church. As a footnote the new church acquired was being sold because the membership that supported this facility had moved out of that neighborhood. When the church relocated to this new community, there was no demographic study to discover if there would be support and when they relocated there was no Evangelism program initiated to introduce to them to their new community.  There was also the (5) weekly bible study meetings where the basket was also passed each week.

Many of our parents spent their entire 30’s 40’s and 50’s and beyond going from church to church and over the years, you see the surrounding neighborhoods dwindle and change in character.  Somehow, as these Church years passed by, they always managed to need more and more money while the surrounding community and congregation either changed character or just fell into decay.  A lot of the children after reaching adulthood left the church altogether after being disenchanted and/or went to a church which met their changing beliefs and/or lifestyle sensibilities.  The church now, many decades later, has to rent itself out to a new group of individuals who have moved into their communities in order to pay the bills of the church because only a remnant of past membership remains.  In the end, the building fund seems to not have been such a good investment.  Why? Our parents were never taught the importance of wealth preservation and therefore not able to pass these teachings to their children because the leadership was only interested in a one way transaction which was paying their salary. If the church and the parent do not teach their children these principles, then who will. On the spiritual side of things. The years of indoctrination under these religious leaders have not done any better for changing the lives of its membership. Only those members who practiced moral principles in their own lives, received a good education and had good lives found any benefit from their fellowship. Most of these churches founded years ago where among close family members and friends who came together to finance such a movement who themselves were financially solvent.

I know personally that many of the children of these church goers became disenchanted and refused to go to college because they saw too many of their older peers come back and couldn’t find jobs and the pastor of the church due to ignorance or selfishness refused to allow programs which could enhance their success before and after college. They hired individuals outside the church when current church members were more than qualified and capable of handling such tasks which further alienated its membership. Besides fighting among one another due to church politics any outsiders were not welcome if they did not line up with the proper click within the church. These children of the church formed a church within the church which created turmoil.  They became alcoholics, went to prison for stealing from employers, became drug abusers, prostitutes, drug dealers and pimps in addition to creating turmoil in the church.  

While churches remain dysfunctional and their surrounding communities have disappeared and become ripe for gentrification simply because the Church lacked a vision other than LIFE after death and telling the membership each and every Sunday that their LIFE is worthless and only A Savior given to YOU by your slave master could SAVE your miserable soul.  As a result, our leadership and parents were never taught wealth creation and wealth preservation principles because they can't teach, what they don’t know. The children who got out of prison and when their Parents passed away did not understand what they were up against and ran into probate court and when they came out the other end a year later, they only had a few thousand dollars which was soon gone leaving them homeless and destitute. Even when the Parents had an Estate Plan and did everything right, their children still fought among themselves and perverted their parent’s wishes, once again squandering precious resources fighting among themselves which they learned growing up in the churches and within dysfunctional families.  These precious resources intended to be built upon and passed on to succeeding generations had become a curse instead of a blessing as it was intended. Religious doctrines and institutions have sown discord and division within our families and God has moved out and replaced by the mighty dollar.

This ignorance and dysfunction has become a blessing to large corporations who are rapidly taking over the communities which is being called gentrification by those being directly affected which are the poor and the elderly who can not afford such doubling and even tripling of rent for the purpose of the clearing out these undesirable elements making room for those who are tired of living so far away from the cities that their grandparents fled decades earlier because they did not want to live by these same undesirable elements. As a result, there is no community left to support many of the churches across the country that our parents have built with the many building funds over their lifetime being led by a leadership that only cared about their own financial gain. A one way transaction with no benefits in the end because YOU can not buy your way into heaven, if there is such a thing after YOU die because they should have been taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and that your Heaven is in the here and now as your Pastor already knows because he or she has used it own membership for their own nefarious purpose.

What is our National Emergency:?

How do we close this vicious chapter and gain control over our own life, that of our children, family and friends? The big challenge is this, are you willing to invest the TIME to improve your own Personal Growth and Professional Development? The solution is this … You must begin investing in your own building fund which is your Self?

Why can’t we have a MINISTRY, that not only provides fellowshipping opportunities, but why can’t we Fellowship and empower the people at the same time with a power that already dwells within YOU and not some outside enchantment used to separate you from your MONEY based upon guile and deceit? In the scriptures, in Job 5, God warns us to be aware of the crafty and tells us that He will disappoint the devices of the crafty so that their hands and mouth cannot perform their enterprise and He will save the poor and stop the doctrines of the crafty, so that no evil will touch YOU.  In 2 Corinthians 12 (KJV) Paul’s vision, not God’s vision, not Jesus Vision, but Paul where he admits in verses 7,8,12 that he has deceived the people as the messenger of Satan, that he desires to be exalted above measure and Paul goes on to say, in verse 12, that he being crafty filed YOU with guile, which means being deceitful and misleading. He has been lied to YOU about the scriptures preaching his own version, and YOU being feeble minded and groomed as a child with these fables and re indoctrinated week after week, year after year, being easily misled because most people don’t even make it past high school, if that, where they were never taught to think critically. To make it even worse, how many people read and understand what they read. I bet YOU, that your Pastor never ever cited these scriptures and YOU were never even aware of them. Your inner TRUTH has been manipulated to serve MAN, instead of yourself and your fellowman as God intended. There are so many, numerous scriptures that tell us that no guile should come forth out of our mouths. You can research this on your own. Finally, in Psalms 32:2 KJV, Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputes not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.  In John 1:47 KJV, Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in who is no guile! In 2 Corinthians 12:16 KJV, Paul said, But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I caught YOU with guile, end of story. This is the awakening. A lot of people turned their backs on the original KJV and turned to over 3,000 new interpretations of the bible. Why are there so many re interpretations? Because once they started reading what the bible actually says, they needed to rewrite, so YOU the feeble minded and still in a child like state, would never discover the truth and the deception.  God told us as mentioned earlier that He would protect YOU from these wise deceivers. The Crafty!

 Moving On:

Why can’t we experience a true relationship with the Most High which dwells within us and among us and also empower the people to live an abundant life by teaching them how to compete and grow within a competitive society that has a history of Oppression against its citizens?  How can we as a people grow and prosper unless God sends someone to teach and trains us how to do the same?  Each One Teach One is the NEW rule of LAW; reaching back and pulling up those left behind and the leadership within our community shall stop running roadblocks and failing to  develop the talent within his/her flock because his or her Ministry is a one-way transaction which is defined as Pimping by way of misleading and deceiving the People.  There is no succession planning in the church nor in the home, which is the second major reason why the churches are empty and rapidly becoming an obsolete institution within the Black Community because we have not used this opportunity to strengthen and build our communities. 

Our church is intentionally misleading its membership because they all go to these seminary schools and they are all running the same play out of the same play book which is designed to make sure the people do not have the mental capacity to evolve and make sure they have no Vision, since the end of slavery and the beginning of the Black Church.  The scriptures also tell us, that where there is no vision the people will perish. The only vision of the church is increasing the number of tithers and keeping the people sleep.  The preachers get together and boast about how many tither's they have which is steadily dwindling. We were taught the same bible stories from preschool to the grave and heard the same sermons about the importance of tithing and being obedient to their lord.  We have to evolve and grow up and use the sense God gave us and judge the church by the scriptures and the fruit that it bears.  If a tree bears rotten fruit. The tree must be eventually chopped down. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime, able to feed and nurture his family. This is not accomplished by weekly food give a ways because YOU are only fostering an environment of dependence, poverty and despair.

I do know, that this is a hard pill to swallow for some, but it is the word of God, that YOU come out of the house of bondage in order to reclaim your birth rite. 


We need not only a spiritual awakening, but we need to renew the minds of our people. How can we do this?

This Ministry is about just that, a new Baptism which says, I am committing myself to becoming the best person that I can become, right here and right now and how many people can I help along THE WAY. The Way of Truth and Righteousness. The scriptures tell us to help the least among us.

This Ministry is broken down into 3 parts:

Part I      The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity (Spiritual Center – Personal Growth)

Part II     Boardwalk School of Economics (University in Your Home – Financial Growth)

Part III    Boardwalk Management and Investment Group (Business and Legal Dept. – Legacy Growth)

This New 21st Century Fellowship solves the dilemma that we are at the bottom of the Moral, Social, political and economic spectrum in this country and losing ground as we speak.  LIFE is a competition among the races because this is how the data is being collected.  We will use this to track our progress in this NEW transformation. This change in attitude and conduct will allow our Economic Unity and Spiritual Fellowship to shut down the institutions of oppression such as the prison system, police oppression and the corrupt judiciary sending our family members to jail for compensation which has devastated and destroyed individual Lives and our communities.

How many police officers, politicians and judges own stock in the prison industrial complex, profiting off our destruction?  

We want to breed a new generation of political leadership who actually train the community in the art of politics in order to actually get things done.  We don’t want a voice! We want Action! It is time to stop rubber stamping our political leadership while things never change. We want the police to stop brutalizing our sons and daughters. We want real change, but the change must first come from within us.  We want to stop raising generations of middle school and high school dropouts and illiterate children who victimize the schools and our neighborhoods, generation after generation who grow up to be non thinking dysfunctional adults which come from various social, political and economic status in Life.  We want to rebuild our relationships, run our own school system starting in your homes and churches that teach values that reflect our rich culture and pointing out the need to work together and provide jobs and opportunities and where we need to evolve as a United front. We want to stop the cash drain from our communities each and every pay cycle by setting up institutions that recycle wealth through our homes and communities and stop putting our money in institutions that still redline our communities as places of economic turmoil, crime and despair. 

Did you know that we spend over 1.3 trillion consumer dollars outside of our communities each year?  This is another reason, why we are not creating wealth. I just heard of a young lady with a single child who has one sad story after sad story, who after receiving a lump sum of cash, went out shopping and spent $4,000 of clothes and had $30.00 left and could not pay her rent and feed her only child.  She does this time and time again and end up returning some of the items. She spent $800 on a purse when she already has enough purses. This is just one example of both our men and women, just not thinking right. How do YOU incarcerate over 2.3 million people into the prison industrial complex which is proportionally more than the those in slavery in 1865, when slavery was allegedly ended by the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  There is another mother, whose entire family including herself did not graduate high school and she has taught her children how to go out and rob individuals to pay the rent and feed themselves.  We have become a people who have failed ourselves but we rob and steal from others because we have failed to develop in a competitive society ending up condemning herself and children to a LIFE of crime and a generational curse.

As a concerned People we need to address these issues and much more.  Our spiritual house is not in order and we have fallen into moral and economic decay from the individual, to the top of the church hierarchy and the same for our politicians.

First, this Ministry is FREE which is the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity full of lessons and spiritual teachings you can use to supplement your regular church ministry or as your single source of spiritual enlightenment;  Second, is our educational ministry which trains up a child in the ways that he or she should go in order to have a full and complete life, no matter what path they choose in LIFE. This requires not only a Time Commitment, but a small portion of your Treasures in order to be trained in the art of spiritual, personal and business financial management. This is an offer you should not refuse. Through this Ministry by the time your children leave home they will be versed and focused in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth in addition to the religious doctrines you teach your children.  Third, this institution will help YOU incorporate and implement the goals and aspirations outlined and learned in the educational portion of the Ministry into your personal and business life. We will create new Jobs and Opportunities for our children and community at large.  This is a Paradigm Shift, a new beginning.

This combined approach will help us not only to recycle thousands, millions even billions of dollars through our communities as the program catches on and grows, but it will raise us from the bottom of the moral, social, political and economic spectrum which is measured by our government and also observed by the increasing numbers of incarcerated and homeless on our streets. As we empower ourselves, spiritually and mentally, we will learn how to work together and thrive together, creating and supporting more businesses thereby revitalizing our neighborhoods which are capable of building newer and stronger relationships and communities.

We are the wealthiest Black People on the planet and yet we can’t get our moral and economic houses in order. We have the power to erase our own moral and economic blight but lack the vision and the will to work together because of poor leadership and corrupted minds.   If you can’t envision this happening, it only means that your mind has been corrupted and has to be renewed because it is only natural for people who share the same ethnic and racial characteristics to work together and love one another.  Slavery has made us an unnatural species. When this is done, believe me, WE will be respected not only by God but one another.

Call to Action:

The scriptures tell us to leave a legacy to our children, but first in order to leave a legacy we must have a Legacy to leave. Let us start doing what the scriptures actually tells us to do. It tells us how to prosper by being obedient to the TRUE word of God and YOU will have prosperity during your LIFE TIME.

Your solution:

Make sure YOU download your FREE Legacy Calendar in order to get started on your Journey to Renewal. You will then be introduced to the remaining program to get you started on your Journey. Just make sure to enter your Name and correct email address when requested.  There is a small $5 donation for the calendar, to help me get the word out and grow this Ministry. I hope that you will share this information among your family and friends and hit LIKE when given the opportunity.

I hope by now you’re feeling inspired! Just download your FREE GIFT when the download link appears below.

Who is this for? This program is for the entire Family, especially ages 12-35 because they are still open minded and hungry about life.  This material is also good for individual relationships PERIOD, before and after your marriage.

Let me be your Mentor in LIFE, to help YOU and your Family reach their full spiritual and economic potential.  I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your LIFE because this is a program after you’ve decided your path in life to help you to manage and grow yourself and income from your trade, profession or hustle. However, if you have not chosen a trade or profession. I can help you to decide and then help you to generate income through this movement in CHANGE because we need disciples in the field teaching excellence in all we do.

You can schedule an appointment with me at any time but take the time to first go through the FREE Estate Planning LEGACY Calendar being offered. It helps put your life and goals into perspective and then takes you to the next phase in implementing these strategies into your life day after day, week after week, month after month. This is the beginning of your rebirth. Then you enroll in the next phase of your JOURNEY by enrolling in my RIGHT OF PASSAGE PROGRAM.  This is Therapy. You can sit down with your significant other, yourself and family members, so they can learn about what it takes to create and preserve a family LEGACY.

Your Guarantee: I guarantee you’ll be completely transformed and satisfied with your training, but only if you put in the Time needed to maximize your experience and show some humility in order to be transformed back into reality, maybe for the first time. The initial training is a total of 18 months broken into 5 Certificate Programs, in order to give you a sense of accomplishment along the way.  You will also be introduced to earning income along the way by introducing this MINISTRY in Personal Growth and Development to Family and Friends. You will learn more and more as YOU proceed through the program.  The program gradually gets more and more sophisticated but don’t quit because we need to get this new knowledge into our DNA and it will be repeated generation after generation and updated as the laws of society changes but the laws of the Most High are constant and never changes, just the deception’s of MAN.

There’s no risk to you, the risk is all on me because I’ve already done the work and the word of God is clear.

Final Call to Action:

My final thoughts to YOU come from Jesus Sermon on the Mount: Remember it, write it down and repeat them everyday,

  • Ask and it shall be given YOU;
  • Seek and YOU shall find;
  • Knock and the door will be opened unto YOU;
  • For everyone that asks receives; and
  • Everyone which seeks shall find.

 Have Purpose, Believe and Act, and it will be impossible to fail. By being persistent YOU will be demonstrating a Faith that virtually nothing is impossible. So, don’t worry just Act and everything else will take care of itself because if YOU fail to act, just look at the alternative of continued Poverty and Despair. Even if YOU got it all together, just remember the mother who teaches her child to rob YOU when YOU are unaware. Sometimes they use a gun and sometimes YOU are tricked with guile.

Now, take the time and download your FREE LEGACY Calendar and act accordingly. 

Thanks for listening and welcome to the Family!

This is the price YOU must pay for success, a portion of the Time, Talent and Treasure, so Pay the Price.  Live this new Life and the flood gates of abundance will be opened unto YOU.

May you put away the past and learn to walk in Peace and Prosperity.

What You Didn't Know About Improving Your Life ...

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Creating a new reality of your existence by understanding that we have a dual purpose in life. There is a spiritual world existence and a material world existence and we must learn to navigate through both of these realities. This is why the scriptures tell us, that we must be in the world, but not of this world. This is a delicate balancing act. A person can be so spiritual that they are no earthly good and must rely on others for charity. While on the opposite end of the spectrum, a person can be caught up so much on materialism and greed that they can put their spiritual existence in jeopardy because they will do anything for material gain, such as to kill, steal and destroy anyone who gets in their way.  

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity 

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