Welcome friends!

This curriculum will make a great graduation present for the young person just starting out in life, or contemplating their future or the son or daughter that does not know, that they need to connect the dots, between now and tomorrow.

I remember when I started law school as in many law schools, the graduation rate is low and the bar passage rate is even lower. I think this is because, the experience was like, taking someone who has never swam before and just grabbing them suddenly and throwing them into water, where you are faced with the situation,  you either, swim or sink. All the law’ students knew, they wanted to graduate but how to reach that ultimate goal was the problem. I think if the actual experience was laid our visually, so you could see the big picture, such as a flow chart which outlined their academic journey and recommended solutions. Yes, an Orientation!

So, I will provide you with a FREE 7 day Orientation, in order to increase your likelihood of success in this program.

You will receive an engaging University style experience for a fraction of the cost. Why? It’s time that the Black intellectuals bring some of that intelligence and know how, to bear on building stronger and better communities, by starting with the people in the communities first.

Your sons and daughters will receive a masterful introduction to the creation and preservation of wealth and will be transformed into a 21st Century thinker and doer capable of meeting and thriving under any challenge creating a new generation of economic thinkers and community builders. Don’t forget to go even further because You get paid for educating yourself and others. Through this program you can educate yourself and earn hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars helping others to receive the same opportunity you have. An actual treasure of gold at the end of this rainbow.  Plus, when you finish the program you will be eager to share with others because you’ll want those whom you interact with to be wealthy and wise as well.

Peace and Blessing.

It’s Time to Be More!

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Master Teacher; and Minister of Finance and Economics.

P.S. – Organize yourself into groups of 5 and meet after your individual study time of 4 hours (40hr work week x 10% personal investment factor). Group discussion can only be beneficial if participants are prepared to engage the material with Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm. Now you are prepared to support each other to success. Get a jump start on building your economic development team. Send them this email and tell them to register by entering their name and best email address in the form above.

There are no more self hatred excuses, no more ego self absorbed excuses, no more black boycotting blacks excuses, no more black with attitude excuses, no more god will give me all the knowledge I need excuses, no more the paster said I shouldn’t read that book excuses, no more I can’t read excuses, no more I can’t think excuses, I just can’t get it right excuses, just no more excuses because the University of HardKnox is now closed.