Most good people believe that all they have to do is get a good education, work hard, speak good english, pay their bills on time in order to obtain and keep a good credit score, go to church, pray, vote and teach their children good values of honesty and integrity and everything will be okay.   Unfortunately we live in a world surrounded by predators and haters, who will do anything to fed themselves and their families at your expense. And as you should clearly realize by now , predators are increasing in number and either you are “predator” or “prey”.  The goal should be, however, to find a happy middle ground and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. You need skills to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.  I call this movement “Civil Rights II – The Financial Edition”. Where is the Money? I’ll show you where to find the money and how to capture a substantial portion of it to increase your standard of living and survival rate.

The definition of racism is a person, group of persons, who use their institutions to exert “economic power” over the disenfranchised in order to oppress, kill, steal and destroy for selfish, racial and/or economic gain, in order to keep competition down against their offspring by maintaining the status quo through violence, poverty and ignorance.  Violence, Poverty and Ignorance are the tools used to oppress and disenfranchise people in general which is a worldwide phenomenon.

In addition to those positive traits mentioned earlier. Only a plan dedicated to achieving group economic empowerment at the individual, family and community level, can overcome, the strategy of violence, poverty and oppression, referred to as “racism”. It’s all about grassroot empowerment, in the Economic, Political and Intellectual realm.  Such a single mindset can create the power which can shift these negative dynamics of violence, poverty and oppression in our favor.  So, if you want real immediate change, don’t wait, until one of your loved ones is shot down and murdered in cold blood and/or your neighborhood is being gentrified, as a tool of oppression against the poor, as you watch helplessly as the homeless numbers increase. Don’t think about what you can do now, as an individual and begin to feel hopeless. It’s different now, my program will empower you and enrich you, as our ranks begin to grow with individuals seeking to improve and empower themselves and their families.

Join this 21st Century Ministry in Personal Growth and Development. This is a political, educational and economic movement. Enroll now and put a Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry in your own home which includes Mind, Body and Soul.  Become your own Pastor and CEO, able to work with others to build and not destroy. This is a training program putting leadership back into the home where it belongs! Together we can create an economic engine grounded in personal growth and responsibility, reclaiming and changing lives, right before your eyes. A real Ministry at your fingertips which can empower and enrich!

Get an education in relevant skill development and personal management which will produce economic benefits for you and your family depending upon how you invest your Time, Talents and Treasures, coupled with your Energy, Efforts and Enthusiasm coupled with your Discipline, Determination and Dedication all being channeled into your personal growth and development. You are the Building Fund! Enroll now by entering your name and best email address in the above widget, Confirm subscription and add to your contacts list. You will begin receiving your 7 days of orientation, in order to get you prepared for your journey. You can also enroll at 

Put a University In Your Home. The Program is waiting for your enrollment.

The Time is NOW!

There can only be Peace through Strength.

Peace, Love and Prosperity

Rev. Dr. Claud A. SinclairPastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

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