08 How do YOU know if you have Post Traumatic Slave Disorder – The Stockholm Syndrome!

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How do you know if YOU have Post Traumatic Slave [Jim and Jane Crow] Disorder (PTSD) – Diagnosis:

The Stockholm Syndrome!


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How Do You know if you are afflicted with this

​”Jim and Jane Crow” Psychological Disorder?

Examples are:

If you say to yourself, I can’t go to this function because it​’s just too Black.

If you have a white Jesus on the wall of your home or the wall of the church you attend and YOU believe the color of Jesus doesn’t matter.

If you focus more on Life after DEATH than you do on Living LIFE.

If YOU belong to a New Testament church and the Preacher quotes Paul more than he quotes Jesus.

If the only person YOU think you can learn from is white.​

​If YOU are non white and you take your business affairs to white professionals.

If YOU do not investigate this supplemental Black program of Individual enligtenment and self determination!

​If you do not like your Black complexion and try to whitein it.

If you have low self est​eem and/or are depressed often.

If YOU suffer from chronic loneliness.

If you love other races above your own race.

If you have too many family members in the prison system.

If You believe education is not important but mysticism is very important.

If YOU have a government job that requires you to oppress people of color in order to get ahead in Life.

If you are indifferent to the plight of Black’s in America as long as YOU are doing okay.

Fight against Black on Black racism, Black on Black crime and Blacks boycotting competent Black Professionals and Merchants.  

Our Ancestors Indigenous or African did not suffer, shed blood and die in vain only for this generation of slackers [with a milder version of PTSD than their Ancestors], to get too comfortable and “lose progress” in this continued struggle against white racism,  white oppression and Jim Crow Laws.


The Ancient’s tell us, First, to turn our face back to doing Ma’at [Truth, Justice, Righteousness] and Second, that our people perish for the Lack of Knowledge and Third, understand that Faith is merely an illusion of the Mind planted by the oppressor, if it is not coupled with a corrective plan of Action.

ENROLL NOW in our continuing education program (Optional); starting at only .67 cents per day after your FREE 30 day Life Plan.  A Master’s Program in critical thinking and financial literacy (18 months for only 19.99 per month).

It takes cash flow to grow and improve any Life and Business.

Cash Flow is the same as Blood Flow.

What happens when your body doesn’t get adequate blood flow?

What happens to an individual/family/community when it doesn’t have adequate cash flow?

I have created a Three Tier supplemental educational program for the average citizen to help them to increase their odds achieving and maintaining their Dreams.  Short term [Education] and Long term [Business Development] for creating a social, political and economic infrastructure within the Black family and their communities.

The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

This is our Spiritual Center that prepares our member participants for each stage of their Development. This is where the Personal Growth and Development begins with our FREE 30 day Life Plan course when you decide to work on “self”. Stripping away the old and updating our Brain (CPU) with a new 21st Century reality based upon fact not colonial fictions. The premise is based upon investing  just 10% of your  time spent working for others into your own growth and development. This is transformation.


University In Your Home

Our at large community has been mis-educated and indoctrinated into a lower class societal structure “caste system”. So, only by receiving the proper supplemental education (history, finance, economics. politics and law) through organized instruction can we “renew our minds” and begin to actually eliminate poverty, crime, gang violence, homelessness etc.,  within our family.


Boardwalk Management and Investment Group

This is where you come to implement your 30 day Life Plan. This is  our Attorney/Paralegal, Business Department(s). This is where we create millions of new businesses as a result of the previous training. The graduates from our University In Your Home Program will allow us to grow and expand creating new jobs and opportunities.  Our Mainstreet Emergency Economic Stimulus Program, MEESP gives our graduates the opportunity to earn thousands, if not, millions of dollars to help recycle wealth through our communities.


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