July 3, 2020



This is a 21st-century Ministry/Movement in Personal Growth and Professional Development.

It is a nondenominational organization that empowers LIFE and teaches its members to Thrive in the spirit of God.

It is a for-profit organization that is nongovernment affiliated.

The purpose is to renew the mind in what the scriptures and wisdom texts teach us about finding Purpose in the Why of our existence.

We use the Christian bible as a critical thinking tool in order to separate the chaff [untruth] from the wheat [truth].

We teach our members how to take back their spiritual power given to them by God at their Creation.

We teach that if YOU want to become a Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity – On Earth as It Is in Heaven – See Orientation Course where YOU will learn the God requirement for your salvation.

I recommend that you enroll in the FREE Membership Orientation which is a requirement in order to provide a different perspective on your earthly duties, helping YOU to find purpose in LIFE.

The mission here is to teach about building a strong Family Legacy in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth.

We believe that in exchange for your financial support, a fair exchange is NOT robbery. This is a Earn While YOU Learn – Each One Teach One Ministry.  The program has been set up to provide an education in economic empowerment in exchange for your financial support. However, there are those among YOU who just want to donate and support this Ministry/Movement through their monetary contributions. This is where YOU can do both.

Just trying to help YOU to Be More and Thrive!

Your Donation is a nonrefundable gift which will be used to sustain this Ministry/Movement and help Us to increase our marketing and outreach efforts. This is NOT a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Thank YOU for your continued Support.

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