010 Download: The State of Black America, History, Religion, and Mysticism

The Unexamined LIFE is not worth Living!

The State of Black America, History, Religion and Mysticism

This Download is a companion to the Presentation “The Truth About Easter” Wednesday Empowerment Bible School 012.

This is a Mind Blowing Presentation totally replacing  a 2000 year old belief system forced upon conquered Nations.  This presentation was prepared In order for a person to understand Religion and the How and Purpose is was created.

  Brace yourself because these 16 pages will shock you at your core and confirm what you should have already been feeling deep inside your INNER TEMPLE, that something is just NOT kosher.

For many of YOU, this will prove to be a painful experience because it will confront your Cognitive Dissonance aka Indoctrination since childhood preventing YOU from awakening to your Inner Truth.

These historical Facts will prove our manipulation.

My only objective is to reveal the Truth and the rest is up to YOU.

Thank You for your Support.


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