University in Your Home Core Curriculum


  1.  COMPLETE YOUR FREE 30 DAY LIFE PLAN COURSE. Prerequisite to taking 12 week course in Critical Thinking.  Certificate of Completion - 30 Day Life Plan Course.
  2. COMPLETE THE 12 WEEK COURSE IN CRITICAL THINKING. Prerequisite to taking 12 Month Course in Personal and Business Financial Management with an Emphasis on Wealth Creation, Accumulation and Preservation. Certificate of Completion -12 week Course in Critical Thinking. Upon completion graduate becomes eligible to earn affiliate commissions.
  3. COMPLETE THE 12 MONTH COURSE IN PERSONAL AND BUSINESS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT WITH AN EMPHASIS ON WEALTH CREATION, ACCUMULATION AND PRESERVATION STRATEGIES.  Certificate of Completion - Personal and Business Financial Management with an Emphasis in Wealth Creation, Accumulation and Preservation Strategies.

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