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    Most people believe that all they have to do is work hard, speak good english, pay your bills on time, go to church, vote and pray, everything will be all right. As you clearly see, this is not the case. This is the type of conversation they have among themselves, while they reside in positions of power. This is the ultimate definition of racism, having the “power” to oppress, kill, steal and destroy. The only crime in their eyes, is that this poor unfortunate soul less person, was so consumed with hatred he allowed himself to get recorded (caught). This is why, people of color, Blacks especially, are being shot by the Police so indiscriminately. Only group Economic, Political and Intellectual power can shift these dynamics in our favor. It’s all about grass roots Economics, remember that, so don’t wait until one of your loved ones is shot down and murdered in cold blood or, your neighborhood is being gentrified and urbanized, then, you want to march and meet over and over “without a plan”. Join this 21st Century Ministry in Personal Growth and Responsibility. This is a spiritual, social, political, educational and economic movement. Enroll now and put a Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry in your own home and become your own Pastor and CEO, able to work with others to build and not destroy. This is a training program!!! Together we can create an economic engine grounded in personal growth and responsibility, education in relevant skill development which will produce Economic benefits for you and your family and all who participate. Check it out at www.powerthroughunity.org. The University In Your Home Program is waiting for your enrollment. The Time is NOW! How many Prophets must die and signs do we need before we turn our face back to the God of Creation and rebuild his Temple (Self), in order to get our Minds right in order to prosper in Peace. There can only be Peace through Strength.

    Peace, Love and Prosperity
    Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair
    Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity