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New Affiliates T-Shirt Campaign

Temple of Inner Peace Membership T-Shirt. Five Designs and sizes to choose from in various colors. The School of Hard Knocks. Five Designs and sizes to choose from in various colors. Don’t YOU realize that LIFE is a Work in… Continue Reading →

Receive a Boardwalk Master’s Certificate in Personal and Business Financial Management focusing on Wealth Creation, Accumulation and Preservation Strategies

___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW____TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___ THREE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMSCOMBINED INTO ONE COURSE COMPLETE YOUR FREE 30 DAY LIFE PLAN COURSE. Prerequisite to taking 12 week course in Critical Thinking.  Certificate of Completion – 30 Day Life Plan Course.COMPLETE THE 12 WEEK COURSE IN CRITICAL THINKING. Prerequisite to taking 12… Continue Reading →

How do YOU Overcome Racism

 Most good people believe that all they have to do is get a good education, work hard, speak good english, pay their bills on time in order to obtain and keep a good credit score, go to church, pray, vote… Continue Reading →

Healthy – Wealthy and Wise

​The Health-Wealth ConnectionIt’s a vicious cycle: Money is one of the greatest causes of stress, prolonged stress can lead to serious health issues, and health issues often result in yet more financial struggles.¹ The clear connection between health and wealth… Continue Reading →

Why Do I need a Will and/or Living Trust?

What You Can Do with a WillA will is often the cornerstone of an estate plan. Here are five things you can do with a will.Distribute property as you wishWills enable you to leave your property at your death to… Continue Reading →

The birth of Civilization began with Good Speech

“Good Speech was the Essence of African Society. The Chain of good speech was initiated by the “Divine Word of the Creator” handed down through generational transmissions from the ancestors to the elders to the juniors and to the unborn… Continue Reading →

What is Estate Planning and Why it’s so Important?

Almost everyone has experienced or heard of a person dying and relatives or friends having to dispose of property left behind. Even when the dying person has done everything right. The person who is left in charge of administering the… Continue Reading →

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